January 1, 2024

5 Ways to Boost Instagram Followers in 2024

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5 Ways to Boost Instagram Followers in 2024

Key takeaways

5 Ways to Boost Instagram Followers in 2024

Today over 500 million Instagram users are active on the app daily, making it some of the most engaging audience platforms.

However, as other social media platforms or channels need some tricks to work properly, Instagram also requires some hacks to work more efficiently, especially to gain more followers 🏆

If you are in search of new and possible ways to enhance your Instagram community to get more users, let's begin here:

≠1. Give people a reason to follow you

There is a solid reason behind every happening. Your current audience follows you for a reason too.

Whatever the business or services you promote, you need to give your audience a clear picture of them. Make your audience know what they can gain from following you and how it will benefit them.

👋The most straightforward way is to give a tagline and caption in the bio to help people know who you are.

📷 You can also put your business stories in Story Highlights as Story gives you more space to tell about your vision and mission.

(Learn how to create effective Story Highlight: Story Highlight Growth Tips! 🚀)

📌Another option is to use the grid-pinning feature to pin your brand story post on top of your profile feed.

That way, every time a new audience checks out your profile, they will have more chances to be convinced to follow you.


≠ 2. Incorporate reels into your content

Reels are fun and informative videos that Instagrammers share with their followers. They have creative tools, audio, and effects.

Instagram allows you to share reels on your feed and publicly in Explore, helping you reach new audiences quickly.

In a Glossy forum, Instagram's beauty partnership manager, Kristie Dash, states that sharing reels is still a relatively new way to publish or promote your content. However, she suggests adopting some tips to maximize the results:

✨Ensure that your content is unique and trend-driven

😉Always make content simple and relatable

🔖Try to educate your audience through your content

(Learn other hack tips to boost your Reels performance: Top-tier Reels Hacks 📹)


≠ 3. Cross-promote content

The term *cross-promote-content* means posting similar content across various social media channels. It is the most convenient way that helps you save time and resources.

As well as this, this tactic is also effective in several other ways, including brand awareness and audience growth on Instagram.

It's been revealed that mobile users spend more time with video and entertainment apps. So, whether it is a short form of video or lengthy tutorials, you need to improve the reach of your Instagram content.

Sharing content on various platforms at one time will surely help increase the reach of your content. Most Instagrammers, even celebrities, use TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Pinterest Stories as cross platforms to reach more relevant audiences.


≠ 4. Share user-generated content

User-generated content can be any type of content. For example, it can be a photo, review, audio, video, and anything.

It is considered the most marketing essential tool for increasing the number of followers on Instagram. This tool helps humanize your brand by presenting real people with real stories. So, this helps you show your product in real life and build more trusting relationships with potential customers.

🔥Here are some tips for creating user-generated content for your online business. You need to ask your customers to share their reviews or experience with your products by following the given ways:

  • Make a branded hashtag feed where customers can post images
  • Add a call to action in your Instagram bio
  • Run a contest
  • Show packaging with an added ask for user-generated content


≠ 5. Consistently publish great content

Ensure you publish your content consistently – which is paramount to your entire social media marketing campaign.

Remember that one great post can become the reason for winning followers. Publishing or updating your content regularly is also one of the leading tips to gaining followers on Instagram.

Here are some tips for you to make great content on Instagram:

  • Thoughtful: Ensure that your content communicates your content values and services
  • Interactive: Ensure that your content is interactive. The ideas of shareable content, contest, live video streaming, Q&A session, and polls make your content interactive.
  • Entertaining: Show your followers attractive designs, happy moments, movements, emotions, humor, and more to capture or attract their attention.
  • Useful: The content relevant to your services or users' needs makes it useful. Try to provide your users with tips, facts, ideas, and updates.

(Posting consistently doesn’t mean posting daily. Here are our reasons why: ⚠️Stop posting everyday⚠️)

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