Chapter 1

Introducing Zaap

Today, we are introducing Zaap, which is the name of our brand, business, and new flagship platform. We wanted to create an identity that matched our product and the community around it. Something powerful, yet playful - like us.

Our mission is to empower creators to build a business. Inspired by our amazing community, we’ve realized our platform is more than just a link-in-bio tool.

We believe that creators are the future of the workplace. When the experience of building inspires as much joy as the solution, there are no limits to what's possible.

Chapter 2

Our new platform

We've been rebuilding our platform from the ground up, for the last year. Today we're switching all users over to Zaap.

Your old links will still work, but all of your data has automatically been transferred to the new platform. We suggest you login and change your links over to the new format to avoid any issues.

If you're facing any issues, email us and we can rebuild your page for you

Chapter 3

Our mission

Our new mission is simple; help creators make money.

Build your own creator website for free.
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Create a single page for all your links

Create your own Znaplink page for free today.