December 12, 2021

How To Write And Publish A Kindle Ebook

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How To Write And Publish A Kindle Ebook

Key takeaways

Self-publishing on Amazon is becoming popular as people are always looking for ways to make money online even without any skills. For writers, this is a plus.

You don't have to put up the effort required to land a writing gig, which binds you to unreasonable timeframes and deprives you of the majority of your well-deserved earnings.

By publishing on Amazon's KDP platform, you get to enjoy full control over your book and the royalties that comes with it rather than ghostwriting for several people who only pay you less.

Avail yourself with this detailed step-by-step self-publishing tutorial for you to follow in order to get your book published on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Network.

Composing your Novel is the first phase Into publishing it on Amazon. To begin, learn how to choose a book concept and then organise your thoughts into chapters.

Here's all you need to know about publishing books on Amazon:

●      Getting Started with Kindle Direct Publishing

●      Choosing a Book Title and Subtitle

●      Developing a Book Description

●      Selecting the Appropriate Keywords

●      Choosing the Correct Categories

●      Adding Your Manuscript to the Database

●      Making a Cover for a Book

●      Pricing your book

Get a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account

You must create an Amazon account before you can begin publishing on their platform.

Here's how to get started with Kindle Direct Publishing:

●      Signup with either your Amazon account or your email address at

●      Then, in your account information, click "Update" and enter in your tax information. It's crucial to keep in mind that you must finish your tax paperwork before you can publish your first book. As a result, don't skip this step!

●      When you've finished filling out your tax information, click "Finished" to return to the main page.

●      Your profile is now ready

After you've set up your KDP account, proceed to the areas below to put up the details of your book.

Decide on a title and subtitle for your book.

Fill in the title and subtitle of your book in your Kindle Direct Publishing profile. While having a nice subtitle is optional, this is something you should take into account when deciding to attract more views, generate greater curiosity, and help people locate your book while searching.

Here are a few pointers on how to come up with an excellent book title

●       Hook: Your book hook should speak to the reader in a distinct voice that captures their attention and satisfies their needs.

●       Advantages: Your potential readers are interested in learning what they will gain from reading your book. One strategy is to include the benefits in the subtitle, which provides enough enticing information to entice readers further.

●      Consider what you would be drawn to in a book title. Keep it simple, straightforward, and one-of-a-kind. Make sure the title you intend to use hasn't already been snatched up by a high-performing book.

Create an Amazon book description

In order for potential purchasers to read what your book is about, you'll need a compelling book description. Self-publishing on Amazon necessitates more signals than you might think. Even if the cover and tagline should make a good job of it, when it comes to investing money, we all want more information.

When individuals first see a new book, they notice the following:

●      Title

●      Cover

●      Description of the book

A description is essentially a little written story that explains the topic of your book. It should be written in the style of a sales page to catch your reader's attention. Amazon is quite careful about displaying relevant books to users based on their previous actions. This is critical since, in many circumstances, the description is the deciding element in whether or not a reader would read your work. That, and excellent Amazon ratings.

Selecting Amazon Keywords

You'll need the appropriate blend of keywords if you want your book to appear in Amazon and Google searches.

Make a list of potential keywords for your book, then use the tools listed above to test them. If you take the effort to get your keywords perfect, your book will rank higher and appear more frequently in searches.

Decide which Amazon categories you want to work with.

Amazon offers a variety of categories and subcategories from which to choose. Your goal, similar to keyword selection, is to choose hot topics with less competition.

When you go to your book's page, these categories will appear around halfway down the page, along with the rating, as shown in the figure below.

These are the categories in which you will be a bestseller, so make sure you choose appropriate categories that are detailed yet not overly competitive. You want to be noticed. However, these must correspond to the purpose of the book you wrote.

Publish Your Book on Amazon

To begin, ensure that your manuscript is in the proper format for uploading to Amazon. Normally, your formatter will take care of this for you, but if you're unsure or have self-formatted your book, Amazon recommends the following formats for uploading your manuscript:

●      HTML is a hypertext markup language (ZIP, HTM, or HTML)

●      MOBI is a mobile application that allows you to (fixed-layout eBooks only)

●      Format for Rich Text (RTF)

●      Text in Plain Language (TXT)

●      Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) (PDF)

Here's how to have your book published on Amazon:

●      Go to "Your Bookshelf" in your Kindle Direct Publishing account.

●      Next to the title of your book, look for and click "Kindle eBook Actions."

●      Find "Edit eBook Content" and click it.

●      Select "Upload eBook manuscript" from the drop-down menu.

●      On your PC, save your manuscript file.

●      The upload is now complete!

A confirmation message will be received once Amazon has completed uploading your file, and you can preview the uploaded file to check for any issues.

Design a Book Cover

A flawless book cover design is one of the most crucial factors to get right when it comes to publishing a successful book on Amazon. It is, in fact, one of the most significant repellants.

At first look, your book will be appraised only on the basis of its cover.

Make sure your cover is custom designed and that it stands out above the other books in your genre or category.

Set a Price for Your Book

Questions of how much to price one's books on Amazon is usually common for an Amazon KDP starter.

This is entirely up to the author, but the optimal pricing range for a book is between $2.99 and $9.99. The royalties paid vary by nation, but you can discover more about them on the KDP Select price page.

For rookies, one typical technique is to start with a $2.99 price and gradually increase it by $1 per week. Your sales will begin to decline at some time. While this is typically a negative number, in this situation, it reliably informs you of the ideal pricing for your book, ensuring a profit.


Selling books on Amazon is a very lucrative business and it's also a means of passive income as more and more of your books will continue to be bought as long as more people keep liking it. It may sometimes take a while to start realising all these royalties but when the income starts pumping in, it doesn't stop.

Take your time to craft a very Catchy and interesting book and watch how people will queue to buy it on Amazon.

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