May 5, 2022

How To Get accepted to Twitch's Partner Program In 2024 (Full Guide)

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How To Get accepted to Twitch's Partner Program In 2024 (Full Guide)

Key takeaways

Are you interested in becoming a Twitch Partner? For many users, becoming a Twitch Partner is a dream come true. Twitch is a popular platform for live-streaming video games, with over 18.6 billion hours watched in 2020.

The benefits of being a partner are vast, including but not limited to: access to premium emotes, paid subscriptions, ad revenue share, and more.

With this guide, you'll be well on your way to joining the ranks of the current twitch partners! But first, let's have a brief understanding of what the Twitch Partner Program is and its difference from the Affiliate program.


Twitch Partner Program Meaning

The Twitch Partner Program is a way for Twitch's top content streamers to make money from their broadcasts.

The program provides access to premium tools and features that help Twitch partners grow their channels and make money. These features include:


- A dedicated support team is on hand to assist with any concerns.

- One-of-a-kind unique Promotional opportunities

- Custom Emoticons and Custom Emoticon Prefixes

- Cheermotes

- Additional video-on-demand options are available (60 days vs. 14 days for affiliates)


To be accepted into the Twitch Partner Program, streamers must meet specific criteria set by Twitch, including being an affiliate first. However, there is a difference between Twitch's partner program and its affiliate program.

Let's take a closer look at it.

Twitch Affiliate vs. Twitch Partner: What's the Difference?

Twitch offers two affiliate programs: Twitch Partner and Twitch Affiliate Program. So, what sets them apart?

The main difference is that the Twitch Partner Program is for established content creators, while the Twitch Affiliate Program is for up-and-coming content creators.

The Twitch Partner Program is invite-only, and you need to have a Twitch account in good standing for at least three months before you can apply.

You also need to have a consistent viewership of at least 500 minutes and a monetized channel. The Twitch Affiliate Program is open to anyone with a Twitch account in good standing.

You don't need to have a consistent viewership, but you need at least 50 followers and an average of three viewers per stream. You must also have Twitch Bits or Twitch Prime subscriptions enabled on your account.

Both programs allow you to monetize your channel through Twitch Bits, Twitch Prime subscriptions, and Twitch ads. And both programs give you access to Twitch tools and features, like Twitch Chat moderation tools and Twitch Insights.

The table below summarizes the key difference between Twitch Partner and Twitch Affiliate.


table showing the differences between a twitch affiliate and twitch partner in 2022

Twitch Partner Eligibility in 2022


To be eligible for Twitch's Partner Program in 2022, you must meet the 'path to partner' requirements, including:


- Be at least 18 years old

- You need to be a Twitch Affiliate for at least 30 days before you can apply for the Partnership Program.

- Stream your game on Twitch for at least 25 hours in the last month.

- Stream on Twitch for at least 12 days in the previous 30 days.

- You need at least 75 people viewing your channel simultaneously in the last 30 days.


The average bar is set at 100 to 200 simultaneous viewers for you to achieve the partnership.

Twitch will also consider the following:


Terms of Services Violations by You

Have you been banned on Twitch before? Have you violated any terms of service and community guides before? Twitch will check your account and ensure that you haven't been banned or had any issues in the past.


Your Twitch Account Streaming Frequency

Twitch wants their Partner Program to be exclusive, so they will look at how often you stream. Twitch is unlikely to invite you to the Partner Program if you only broadcast weekly a few times.


Your Twitch Community Size

Do you have a large Twitch following? A few hundred followers are not going to cut it. Twitch will want to see a large and engaged Twitch community before inviting you to join the Partner Program.


Your Twitch Account Age

The longer your Twitch account has been active, the better. Twitch wants to see that you're in it for the long haul and are not just looking to make a quick buck.


The Quality of Your Twitch Content

It's a no-brainer. Twitch wants to see high-quality, entertaining Twitch content before inviting you to join the Partner Program.


Another Twitch Partner Has Referred You

If you know another Twitch Partner, they can refer you to the Twitch Partner Program. It does not guarantee that Twitch will accept you into the program, but it does help your chances.


Being Brand-Safe

Twitch takes into account whether you are a brand-safe Twitch channel. That means Twitch will look at the content of your channel and decide if it's appropriate for all audiences.

It's unlikely that Twitch will accept you into the Partner Program if your channel doesn't comply with community standards, service rules, or DMCA takedown notices.

If you meet all the requirements and Twitch feels that you would be a good fit for their Partner Program, they will invite you to join.

Twitch support will reach out to you via email or Twitch message and let you know that they've invited you to join the Twitch Partner Program.

The Steps To Get Into the Twitch Partner Program

To become a Twitch Partner, you must meet the requirements above. The process is not easy, as Twitch gives the partner status to Twitch's most popular and successful broadcasters.

You will also need to stand out from the Twitch community and build a large following before Twitch can consider a partnership.

If you want to make money by playing your favorite games, here are some steps to help you become a Twitch partner:


1. Use chat badges or Twitch emotes to engage your viewers.

2. Use social media accounts like Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook to connect with and interact with your followers.

3. Create a fan base or join one to advertise your streams.

4. Follow the streamers who are already in the creators' camp. This camp is a service provided by Twitch that may help you expand your channel.

5. Request subscriptions from your followers who have shared your material.

6. Create a schedule for your live Twitch broadcasts. It makes it easier for your followers to know when you're live.


Twitch partnership is difficult to achieve, but it is possible with hard work and dedication. These tips will help increase your chances of becoming a Twitch Partner.

The Benefits of Having Twitch Partner Status

Twitch partners receive many extra features and perks and those enjoyed by regular streamers or affiliates.


Running ads

Twitch ads are one of the primary ways that Twitch generates revenue, and Twitch gives its partners the ability to run Twitch ads on their channels.

This method is a great way to generate revenue, as Twitch pays out a percentage of the ad revenue to the partner based on how many viewers they have.

On average, 2.2 million broadcasters are streaming every day on Twitch, making it one of the most-watched platforms. Also, these adverts are shown after every 20 minutes of live content.


Twitch partners also have access to Twitch emotes.

Partners can offer their viewers Twitch emotes to use in chat. Some viewers of Twitch streams may choose to purchase emotes, which are images that you use in conversation to express emotions.

These emote are purchased using the site's currency, called "bits." If you're a Twitch partner, you can create your Twitch emotes or have someone make them for you.

As a partner, you can also commission up to 50 custom emoticons slots for your Twitch account based on how many points you have.


High-quality Twitch overlays

As a Twitch partner, you have access to Twitch Overlays. Twitch Overlays are graphic designs that streamers can use to improve the look of their channel and live streams.

You can use Twitch Overlays to add overlays to your webcam, Twitch alerts, panels, and more. Twitch Overlays are a great way to improve the look of your channel and live stream.



Another excellent way for Twitch partners to generate revenue is through subscriptions. You can charge your subscribers different rates for your channel. The rates are $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and Twitch Prime.

Twitch partners can offer their subscribers exclusive emotes, badges, and access to subscriber-only chat rooms.

Twitch partners keep 50% of the subscription revenue, while Twitch keeps the other 50%. Those with a larger audience can take up to 100 % shares.


What Do You Do When You've Received Your Invitation To Be a Twitch Partner?

After getting the invitation, Twitch provides the following application suggestions:


1. The first step is to accept Twitch's Terms and Conditions. You will then be able to access your Partner dashboard and Settings and fill out your payment information.

2. Next, go to the website and click on the dashboard. On the dashboard menu, click on achievements to see if it is complete.

3. Click on the apply button to fill out the form for your channel. If you make a mistake while filling out the form, you can have another chance to fill it out again later.

4. It might take up to 7 working days to review your partner form. After that, the support team will notify you whether they have accepted you as a partner.


Twitch Partner Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Money Does a Twitch Partner Make?

Twitch Partners may generate money for the site in several ways. The first and most popular way is through Twitch sub subscriptions, offered for $4.99 per month.

Twitch Partners can also price their subscriptions at $9.99 or $24.99 each month, a less popular option.

In addition, Twitch Partners get money from pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements on their channel. These are generally pre-roll or mid-roll commercials that run during a Twitch Partner's live broadcast.

Partners are paid 50% of the income generated by these advertisements, while those with a more considerable following receive 100% shares.


Is It Hard To Get a Twitch Partner?

The Twitch Partner program is difficult to join. That's because Twitch wants its partners to be the best of the best. There are a lot of fantastic streamers out there, but only a select few will cut into the Twitch Partner Program.

To increase your prospects of being chosen, you must distinguish yourself from the competition. You might begin as an affiliate with Twitch and then work your way up to a partner.

Twitch may reject your application because you didn't fulfill all the requirements. Don't worry, though; you may improve your metrics and reapply.


Is it possible to create a partnership without 75 views?

No. To become a Twitch Partner, you must have at least 75 monthly viewers. However, if you have an extensive and active fan base on another platform, your application may still be accepted.

What percentage of Twitch streamers are partnered?

On Twitch, there are about 46,000 partners. This indicates that only 1% of the content producers on the platform are considered Twitch partners, implying it may be difficult for a new creator to become one.


What is the success rate of Twitch?

It is pretty simple to start streaming on Twitch. After you've created a Twitch account, you can begin streaming your game. However, only a tiny percentage of Twitch streamers successfully make a career out of gaming. According to statistics, the success rate for new accounts is about 10%.



Becoming a Twitch partner is the ultimate goal for many streamers on the platform. To be accepted into the Twitch Partner Program, you must meet specific criteria and demonstrate a high level of skill and dedication to your craft.

This makes it challenging to get accepted into Twitch's partner program, as only a few streamers can achieve this level of success.

However, if you work hard and follow all of Twitch's guidelines and requirements, there is no doubt that you can realize your dream of becoming a Twitch partner soon. Good luck!


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