January 1, 2023

Get followers on your Twitch Stream using Reddit (2024)

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Get followers on your Twitch Stream using Reddit (2024)

Key takeaways

Twitch is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms since it allows influencers to make a living playing video game.

However, surviving there can be difficult. To acquire more viewers and generate more money, you can opt to build your twitch channel organically or inorganically. If you opt to expand it organically, you are well aware that it takes time, and, given the amount of competition, you may encounter some difficulties along the road.

Reddit promotion is one of the various ways to expand on Twitch, but it isn't easy to get it properly. Overly promotional viewers turn people off, yet people will have a tougher time finding your stream without self-promotion.

This post aims to assist you in finding the perfect balance to attract viewers to your channel. If you want to succeed as a twitch content creator, you need to understand that the content you share and the value you bring aren't confined to just one platform. Rather, you may use cross-platform initiatives to generate traffic from your various social media accounts, allowing you to build them all simultaneously.

Reddit has become a prominent tool for building a community and engaging your target audience, with over 2.8 million subreddits. By driving visitors to your Twitch channel, you may then 'cross-platform pollinate.' However, you must adhere to Reddit's restrictions and properly customize your growth attempts.

Before you start promoting your stream, you need to know who you are and what you want your stream to be known for. A thorough grasp of who your target audience will be and where they hang out online is important for developing your brand.

Let's start with how you may expand your twitch channels as a newcomer to the platform. Most successful twitch streamers have utilized and found these tactics to be beneficial. Take a look at these popular streamers' best practices if you want to use Reddit to develop your Twitch channel.

Best Practices Twitch streamers use to grow their Twitch channel

They start by developing a subreddit.

Unlike other mainstream social media platforms, Reddit has strict rules against blatant self-promotion. Is this to say you can't use it to promote your Twitch stream? That's not the case. The bottom line is that you should treat Reddit like a forum, which it is. Creating your subreddit is the best way to direct traffic from Reddit to your Twitch stream. Subreddits have their own set of rules, moderators, and voting systems for links and comments. They're also usually niche-specific, so you can make one specific to the type of Twitch content you provide.

To begin creating your subreddit, go to your Reddit homepage and click 'Create your subreddit.' Then, to connect with your followers and grow your Twitch channel, create a subreddit. Like on Twitch, try to create relevant content, engage with your audience, and cultivate meaningful relationships with your followers when managing your subreddit. You can then direct Reddit users to your Twitch channel. You won't succeed in growing a following if you ignore community-building practices and spam Twitch links on your subreddit. Reddit may take disciplinary action against you for violating their guidelines.

As per the platform's guidelines, you also can't fill your subreddit with your content. However, users should be able to freely share and submit their content on Reddit because it is a community platform.

Posting clips of popular subreddits

Engaging with already popular subreddits is a faster approach to gaining engagement and going viral. You can receive exposure from the subreddit's already populous users by being featured in popular subreddits such as r/livestreamfails.

This helps producers appear more genuine and relatable, and the videos are also entertaining. Getting featured in it, on the other hand, is extremely difficult. Stay true to your brand, provide original material, and be an active part of the community to boost your chances of being featured on r/livestreamfails.

Self-promotion is discouraged on the subreddit, and users are warned against it in the rules. Clickbait, duplicate submissions, old news, and off-topic content are not permitted on the forum. Certain content, such as swatting and unintended nudity, has been blocked by r/livestream administrators. It would help create stuff that the viewers will enjoy, and spam or offensive content will not be tolerated.

They share videos on subreddits that are relevant to them.

Platforms like Reddit and Twitch are content distribution networks, whereas most social media platforms rely on sharing material with your social circle. Therefore, the quality of the content is more important to these platforms than social sharing.

Platforms like Twitch and Reddit appeal to a wide, global audience by curating specialty content and organizing it. Similarly, content makers such as Twitch streamers flourish by specializing in a specific area. Their material is targeted at a certain audience and is niche-specific.

Look for subreddits relevant to your niche while looking for outreach options. These subreddits cater to your target demographic, so you'll have a better chance of interacting with them. Searching for terms related to your content is the simplest way to find relevant subreddits. Typing the words "Twitch," "live stream," or "game" into the Reddit search field, for example, helps narrow down the search for a relevant topic. Reddit members publish anything from their Spotify playlists to their eBay, Shopify, and Amazon e-commerce sites, and there are no boundaries to what you can find there.

You're almost ready to start posting after narrowing down a few intriguing niche-specific subreddits. Remember to read the subreddit's guidelines carefully and adhere to them. Then you're free to start sharing material!

They communicate on niche-specific subreddits.

Because Reddit is an online community, you must post, interact with members, and provide value in the same way you would in any other community. In addition, because your Reddit handle is linked to your posts, commenting on them and sharing relevant experiences can help you become more visible.

They work with other streams to create content.

You can also collaborate with established streamers in your niche, as this can help you expand your Twitch account in the same way that creating relevant subreddits can. In addition, these streamers may have fans interested in your niche, so their viewers are more likely to connect with and engage with your content. Finally, collaborating with top streamers also allows you to gain insight into expanding your brand.

It exposes you to how successful producers are in your niche market and which marketing methods are most effective. Similarly, you can deepen your relationship with them by sharing your knowledge. While connecting with them, you can ask them questions like:

What methods and tips did you use to develop a successful Twitch channel?

What's the best way to get the most out of a fresh clip or video?

Collaborating with well established twitch streamers is a tremendous opportunity to share what you know while learning more.

They establish a distinct online presence by developing their website.

You can increase user engagement on your Beacons website by making it simple for them to find material that interests them. You can organize your explainer content, entertaining content, and streaming tips into distinct categories on one attractively designed website.

They use Reddit to promote a variety of clips and links.

Promoting new videos and links all the time can get you marked as spam, especially on more rigorous platforms like Reddit. Beacons allow you to compile your favorite videos and links onto a single page. As a result, you may soft-promote a single link that allows your audience to view everything.

They use Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Znaplink, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

You can promote your Twitch on Facebook, Instagram, and other channels to increase cross-platform traffic.

How to Use Social media to generate Cross-platform traffic


On YouTube, building an audience is easier than on Twitch. People are more interested in looking at highlights and edited compilations now that there is a better search algorithm. However, to truly succeed on YouTube, you must create high-quality material.

Here are some ideas for expanding your audience through the use of Youtube Promotion:

●      Make instructive tutorials for new games as they are released.

●      Fill them with information that isn't being covered by the rest of the team.

●      Edit funny compilations or gameplay highlights. You are more likely to be noticed early on if you concentrate on smaller, indie games.

●      At the very least, publish once a week. If you upload videos regularly, YouTube is more inclined to promote them.

●      Request constructive criticism on your movies and work to improve them regularly.

●      Use a call to action to your Twitch channel at the end of each video. This style of promotion prioritizes providing value to the viewer. They may follow your Twitch channel and eventually subscribe if they enjoy your material.

How to Promote Your Business on Twitter

As a streamer, Twitter is the finest social site to use. It's a terrific place to meet other streamers and keep up with the industry's biggest companies. Here are some examples of how you can make use of the platform:

Make Memes That Can Be Shared

Consider a topic that will appeal to the gaming community. This will result in a high level of engagement, which will aid in the growth of your channel.

Raids with a shout out

If you're raided, thank the other streamer with a shout-out at the end of your stream.

Liking, retweeting, or sharing other people's viral posts

When you interact with accounts similar in size to your own, you'll typically discover that people reciprocate.

Because of Twitter's character limit, shout-outs are kept brief and interesting. You'll be able to discover how to optimize your content for maximum interaction.

Twitter is a huge avenue for brands and sponsors to promote their streams. Follow companies you'd like to work with in the future so you can stay up to speed on their new products and services.

How to Use TikTok to Promote Your Business

Another social media platform centered on visual videos is TikTok. Many internet careers have been created due to going viral on TikTok. TikTok may also be shared on other social media networks, making it simple to create content for many platforms. For example, on Facebook and Instagram, TikTok videos receive a lot of attention. While short gaming videos do not normally perform well on TikTok, brief memes, dancing, and live music do.

How to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic medium for artists, cosplayers, and IRL streamers. Images showing oneself in your surroundings or places you visit can help you gain a significant following. Many individuals use Instagram to observe a new side of life, acquire product or service reviews or aesthetic images.

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook

Creating an organic Facebook profile takes a lot of time and effort as a streamer. As a result, we don't suggest it to novice streamers unless they're utilizing it to publish TikTok videos or using Restream to broadcast on Twitch and Facebook simultaneously.

While there are a few effective Twitch streamer Facebook groups, they are better for networking than generating organic viewers. Create a Facebook page and promote it from your other social media accounts if you've been broadcasting for a while.

Bottom Line

You're already used to providing value and connecting with your audience as a creator. You can position yourself as a community guru in your field by adopting the above best tactics for twitch channel growth on Reddit. You may then market your Twitch channel and grow your personal brand le way.

To build your Twitch channel, you'll need to promote it. Begin small, but keep track of your interaction over time to see what works, and then scale up. When you have enough money, you can engage an expert to assist you with the process.

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