June 21, 2022

20 Twitter tools to boost your growth in 2022

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20 Twitter tools to boost your growth in 2022

Key takeaways

Twitter is a tremendous potential market with over 396,5 million users and ranked as the 16th most popular social networking worldwide.

It can be said that Twitter is a "large piece of cake" for businesses and individuals who take advantage of the enormous values ​​that Twitter brings.

Even if it's a fabulous opportunity to help you build a brand, connect with many viewers worldwide, promote revenue, etc., it still has challenges behind it.

You need good marketing time and strategy to build a successful media network channel. It can be two months, one year, two years, or more.

Social media tools with lots of valuable features can help you significantly save time and impact.

The problem is which one is a perfect fit for you. Is it really worth the price? Does it meet the specific needs of your business?

Whether your purpose is to have a solid social media strategy to grow your audience, boost engagement, Or you want to be on top of your marketing game.

Today's guide will review the top 20 social marketing tools to help you get a comprehensive view before choosing the best tools for you and your company.

Let's get started!

Znaplink - The best for creating free simple online homepages

Znaplink is the most popular social marketing tool today. It's free for use, and the potential to create is boundless.

Znaplink organizes your social links into folders on a single mobile-friendly landing page that is simple to use.

Alternatively, You can develop your content strategy with analytics that provide detailed information about your traffic, referrers, and audience.

You can integrate with Google and Facebook Pixel for even more precise targeting and tracking.  

Plus, You'll be able to encourage visitors to stream and download songs, join your mailing list, and pre-order products by sharing a single short URL.

Znaplink displays auto-updating widgets that display your most recent content without you having to lift a finger.

When using Znaplink, you can embed YouTube and TikTok widgets on your profile page so visitors can watch the latest video from your profile.

The payoff is that you can manage multiple brands with a single account and create an unlimited number of link pages.

With Znaplink, you can easily and quickly create unlimited emails to your audience, so you don't need to worry about buying expensive and complicated email marketing tools.

Since Znaplink is open-source and ridiculously popular, these are some reasons why more people choose Znaplink for their social media marketing campaign.

●     Update the latest content

●     Advanced dashboard

●     Powerful media management

●     Great design for creators

●     Organize links into folders

●     Email collection widget

Znaplink has an almost all-in-one platform that lets you start entirely for FREE.

To experience a premium version, you just need to spend only $10 per month to unlock power Znaplink Pro.

That sounds cool, right?

The whole process takes just a few minutes instead of hours. It is entirely free and easy to sign up for.


Media Mister - Great Twitter Growth

If you're looking for a fast and safe way to grow your audience for your Twitter account. In that case, Media Mister is an excellent option for you.

We know that followers are essential for any business or influencer. If you have many followers, that will make up your leading identity brand.

So, as your following increases, Twitter will make your content more accessible to a broader audience and continue to grow faster.

But growing followers is not as easy as you think, and it might take a very long time to get your target number of followers.

If so, maybe Media Mister is a perfect solution for you.

You can purchase Twitter followers, likes, views, and retweets from their website with super affordable pricing.

With every package and order, they promise:

●     High-quality real followers

●     100% safe purchase

●     Organic growth

●     All real users

●     No password required

●     100% safe and secure

They accept many types of payments and won't ask for your password or Twitter login information.

Tweeteev - Simple & Efficient Growth tool for Twitter

Tweeteev is an incredible marketing tool in just focusing on Twitter because they believe that having tunnel vision probably brings a beautiful difference at times.

So that is why they don't need to pay attention to other things, just specific and relevant to narrow your niche so that your target audience is small but relevant.

If you want to have organic growth and skyrocket your popularity, you will love trying Tweeteev.

Tweeteev helps you get more Twitter followers and quickly increase your profile with active and real fans.

They guarantee only natural growth for you, so you are entirely safe, and your account reputation will not be at risk.

What we love the most about Tweeteev is that it's simple but effective.

And the ability to expand your account quickly and efficiently is fabulous.

●     A secured segmentation

●     A secure HTTPS site

●     Visible pricing

●     Excellent customer service

●     Payment systems

Tweeteev suggests two options prices for you. One is a standard plan for $15 per week with organic growth, no false followers, security, and fully managed services.

Another option is the turbo plan for $25 per week with dual development, standard tools, and priority support.

We think these two prices are not too high and it is worth it with the future value and potential profit you achieve.

Circleboom - Best Twitter Management Tool

Circleboom is one of the top Twitter marketing tools nowadays, providing many features that may help you gain more traffic and increase followers.

The tool comes with several tools created specifically for Twitter, such as the Twitter search tool, which lets you search through keywords and hashtags to find your target audience.

What we love the most about Circleboom is that this tool enables you to uncover fake accounts, dead accounts, spammers, and overactive accounts and remove them quickly.

From that, you can keep your profile look clean and keep your followers high quality.

With Circleboom, creating and scheduling tweets is becoming much more effortless and keeping your feed fresh and exciting.

Using the mail tool of Circleboom, you can also send tweets from any RSS feed to keep your drivers up to date.

It can also be done automatically.

Besides, Circleboom Publish tools provide high-quality content automation that helps you set up Twitter content more effectively.

It seems like a lifebuoy for people who don't have much time to core publishing content.

Here is some of the positive point of Cicleboom:

●     Secure site

●     Visible pricing

●     Lots of 5-star reviews

●     RSS module smart updates

●     Twitter analytics and reporting

Various tools on Circleboom will help you manage your account in many ways, from posting and publishing to managing tweets and likes.

Of course, Circleboom has a free version for you but with some limitations. They also provide other high-level versions without limitation, starting from $12 per month.

Tweet Attacks Pro

Tweet Attacks Pro has an almost similar feature to Twesocial. But if combined, Twesocial is more secure than Tweet Attacks Pro.

But it is still worth it for you to taste.

What they do for you is engage with your community across multiple different profiles and consolidate everything, so it's friendly and straightforward.

Here are the Top features of Tweet Attacks Pro:

●     Organic growth

●     Gain targeted, relevant followers

●     Chat support

●     Auto-pilot (no manual work)

Tweet Attacks Pro offers a free 3 days trial for the user. It's not too long but pretty enough for ones who wanna try this tool.

SocialViral - Focus on Increasing Views, Likes, and Followers

SocialViral is one of the best tools to buy followers and engagement. You may be able to use SocialViral to engage across these social media networks or those you use for marketing purposes.

They have proven what they do is suitable for their customers, and they receive a great deal of positive feedback, which dramatically increases their brand's reliability.

Top features of SocialViral:

●     Flexible features

●     Secure HTTPS site

●     Real likes, followers, and views

●     Immediate delivery

●     Genuine results

What we love the most about SocialViral is that they provide a very detail about their price service.

As we said above, their price points are tiered:

●     50 followers or likes $1.49

●     100 followers or likes $2.97

●     250 followers or likes $4.99

●     1000 followers or likes $13.99

●     2500 followers or likes $29.99

●     5000 followers or likes $39.99

Additionally, they really care about their clients. If they didn't, their tiered pricing structure could not be offered.

SocialPilot - Organize Account Efficiently

SocialPilot is an excellent tool to help you manage and organize your account efficiently.

It makes short work of scheduling, queuing, editing, and sharing your content.

However, Social Pilot does not have many third-party integrations or apps. This is one area where the platforms' chances with larger companies suffer, as they will likely have larger technology ecosystems that aren't just social media-related.

SocialPilot has several features that demonstrate why it is consistently ranked as one of the best social media management tools.

You'll be able to bulk schedule posts via CSV, consist of multiple images, and use a URL shortener for branded social media URLs.

Here is the top feature of SocialPilot

●     Extensive focus on automation

●     Easy-to-navigate dashboard

●     Simple search features for past content

●     Integrations with almost everyday social platform

They offer a 14-day free trial on all plans (no credit card needed).

Buffer - Suitable For Both Business and Individual

Suppose you start building your brand and plan to expand your marketing campaign via social media, especially on Twitter. Still, you haven't much experience in this field.

In that case, Buffer is an excellent choice for you.

They show you how to grow your audience and what you should do to develop a successful marketing strategy.

Buffer provides you with accurate and fast data, then you might know when, what, and how often to post to maximize your results. The best time to post for growing your reach, engagement, and sales.

It allows you to connect and manage all your social accounts in one place.

You can save a massive amount of time for planning and publishing your content on both Twitter and Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, all from one simple dashboard.

They have a great team who are willing to support you every time with an effective solution.

Buffer's gorgeous user interface and intelligent post scheduling are what we love the most. The notifications are more accurate, making it much easier to interact and comment back with your audience.

Discover more excellent features of Buffer below:

●     Free browser extension and mobile app

●     Simple and smart platform

●     Manage multiple social media accounts

●     Quickly set your own posting schedule

●     Easy to share the report with the team

A bad thing is that Buffer only gives you a free 14-day trial, but it's worth your time and brings you many benefits with massive value for your brand.

Hootsuite - Best For Brand Utilities

Unlike other Twitter Analytical tools, Hootsuite has a different point that we love. It allows you to connect social networks with all your apps.

With a straightforward dashboard, you can efficiently work with your team members and schedule and manage time effectively for social media posts.

It's a perfect analytics tool to boost your brand and team to the next level.

Alternatively, Hootsuite is an excellent idea for you to create better content by updating the latest trends and brand mentions. So you'll find out what your audiences are thinking and how to connect with them in the best way.

Find out more valuable features on Hootsuite with us

●     Status data

●     Original followers

●     Best detains on each tweet

●     Marketing tactics

●     Get more retweets

Hootsuite also supports over 20+ social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. That's super convenient for brands or companies.

However, Hootsuite is not totally free. They give you a start-free 30-day trial; depending on your demand, you'll need to charge from $49 per month.

But we think a 30-day trial is enough for you to try and discover tons of excellent features that Hootsuite brings to you and your brand. Give it a try!

TweetDeck - Amazing For Organized Online

TweetDeck is a fantastic marketing tool for managing many Twitter accounts from the same site, and it's an excellent choice for beginners. The interface is similar to Twitter and super easy to adapt to.

TweetDeck might be a good fit for you if you are looking for a way to market content on your Twitter account.

It allows you to schedule your tweets for the future, find trending tags in one minute, and check tons of notifications and messages simultaneously.

Besides, this feature helps you save tweets into many collections according to events, topics, conversations, and much more.

Some of the other great things people love about using TweetDeck.

●     Best specs

●     Free of charge

●     Easy for beginner

●     Careful design

●     Nice landing page

From content building to outreach, TweetDeck is an excellent tweet idea to customize your searches and keep on top of new content.

You can get started today and use TweetDeck FREE forever.

Sendible - All-in-One Social Media Dashboard

Sendible launched in 2009 and collected a lot of good reviews from users with features similar to Hootsuite and Buffer.

Sendible supports all major social media networks, making it an all-around social media dashboard for small businesses and brands.

Social Inbox and Engagement make it simple to see what's new and keep track of anything you've missed. You can respond to messages right from this interface.

Sendible gets you started by generating keyword monitors based on your website and interests. You can also make your own if you need to keep track of multiple websites or topics.

One cool feature is adding new team members with one click. And it's effortless to send content for review before it goes live.

Top features of Sendible

●     Preview text & image post

●     Great content suggestions

●     Auto-post RSS feed

●     Bulk scheduling and smart queues

●     Wonderful content library

They provide a 30-day free trial (no credit card required), allowing you to test Sendible before making a long-term financial commitment.

Sprout Social -  User Friendly And Simple To Use

Sprout Social is packed with excellent features for managing your social media strategy. But it is nota cheap option when there are so many affordable social media tools on the market today.

The good news is that they offer a free 30-day trial for you to test it out. And there is no risk-free here, even if you do not have to supply your credit card information.

They have an attractive and simple user interface with an intelligent inbox feature on the platform.

We all have so much to do, especially if you run a business, and scheduling our social posts daily isn't that exciting.

From that, Sprout Social is a terrific tool to help you easily plan and manage your organic social media calendar.

Top features of Sprout Social

●     Listening uncover trends

●     Stunning social inbox

●     Fantastic data Analytics

●     Easily manage scheduling and publishing

They also have very robust reporting for each platform, allowing you to have deeper insights into how your accounts and posts are doing.

It's been a giant lifesaver.


Tweepi - Simple, Helpful Tool To Manage Twitter Followers

Tweepi is a Twitter tool that has everything a person or business could want. It attracts more users to their profile and demonstrates what they enjoy.

Users can retweet posts and search for people in their area. It is a great way to improve a profile without putting in much effort.

It has undergone changes over the years due to Twitter's limitations. The mobile interface is simple and allows for quick interactions and updates.

Tweepi uses AI technology to find people with similar interests. It provides real followers, not computers or robots. It is entirely safe, and there are numerous positive online reviews from individuals and businesses.

Twitonomy - Brilliant Twitter analytics & management

Twitonomy is an excellent choice for both small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large enterprises.

It helps businesses keep track of all activities on their Twitter accounts. It lets users monitor interactions with other Twitter users via favorites, tweets, retweets, and more.

What we like the best about Twitonomy is the ability to see combinations of who we're following plus who is following us. And we also love to know the timeframe in which followers have been active on Twitter.

Another benefit is that Twitonomy provides you a free mentions map where you can see where followers and followers are located.

Critical features of Twitonomy that you might wanna know

●     Performance metrics

●     Customizable reports

●     Engagement tracking

●     Provides a mentions map

●     Support web, Android, iPhone/iPad

Twitonomy is the best simple analytics tool on the web. It has everything about your Twitter handle's followers and the users you follow.

They also offer a free version, so we highly recommend trying it.

Tweepsmap - Focus on the audience's location and trending

Tweepsmap is an intelligent analysis tool that can help you target users you want to focus on based on their location and where your audience is.

Then better know your audience, what type of content they appreciate, and what topic trending is interesting. Then combine it to produce perfect content for your brand.

You can use it for identifying important demographics, including gender, language, and profession.

5 Key features we love about Tweepsmap:

●     Community analysis

●     Community building

●     Campaign tool

●     Analyze anyone

●     Research any topic

They also offer a free trial and free version for you, and after that, if you love using this fantastic tool, you can sign up for a small price of $7 per month.

Socialinsider - Best For Against Top Competitors

This tool lets you compare your social media performance with your top competitors, save time on reporting, and download data from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It collects social media analytics from popular platforms and compares users to their competitors in depth.

Content performance, post engagement, audience engagement, and traffic growth are thoroughly analyzed to provide users with the insights they need to excel or perform competitively.

Top features of Socialinsider

●     Analytics social media

●     Multi-account management

●     Brand tracking

●     Customer Engagement

●     Post Scheduling

This tool will provide a 14-day free trial to measure your Twitter performance and uncover the secrets behind a Twitter competitive analysis.

Keyhole - Best tool for Monitoring

Are you running your own businesses? Do you want your Twitter marketing strategy to go smoothly and effectively?

You might be keen on Keyhole.

It's a beautiful tool with the ability to track tweets in real-time. It also involves market research and influencer analytics and closely monitors campaign performance on social media channels.

Another plus feature of Keyhole is that analyzing your competitors on Twitter becomes more accessible than ever by finding out what good keywords and hashtags they use.

Here are various different excellent features for you.

●     Save time & simplify

●     Beautiful shareable dashboard

●     Great for connecting with team and client

●     Social Listening & Analytics

●     Custom Plans

Keyhole will give you a free trial. You can take this chance and improve your social marketing strategy with your top-notch data.

BuzzSumo - A power tool for rocking your Tweets

BuzzSumo is a trendy social marketing tool in the world. It is free to use and has the potential for getting new ideas, improving content, and analyzing your competitor.

With just a short click, you'll receive a massive helpful detail about what you're looking for.

For example, discover which articles are getting attention, then use this information to help you develop your content strategy.

You can use BuzzSumo to find out what content performs best for any topic, who shares it, and other ways to do your job more effectively.

Here is the 5 best feature of BuzzSumo

●     Content discovery

●     Content research

●     Find influencers

●     Monitoring

●     API automate with ease

Alternatively, BuzzSumo provides the user with a free Chrome Extension to instantly reveal the social shares, links, and influence of content.

Crowdfire - Generating Buzz on Twitter

Are you in need of boosting your Twitter followers? Do you want to attract more audiences via social media?

Crowdfire effectively works with both individuals and brands in improving their social profiles.

But we know there are so many tools on the market. How do you know Crowdfire is the best match for your needs?

We will thoroughly review this tool so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

First, Crowdfire helps you manage your Twitter account with many features such as a post scheduler, social listener, content curator, and more.

The top feature of Crowdfire:

●     Schedule content for automatic posting

●     Discover relevant and engaging third-party content

●     Advanced analytics and reporting

●     Support for multiple users

●     Check the performance of your competitor

●     Available on both an iOS and Android

Crowdfire allows the user to get into the free version before purchasing. So let Crowdfire make your profile get to a better level and gain social exposure without much work.

Social Snap - Social media plugins for WordPress

Social Snap is a powerful tool for increasing overall sharing by optimizing sharing buttons and placement.

It is also well known as a comprehensive social media plugin for WordPress and works with over 30 different social platforms.

So you can make the most of those social media channels and increase social traffic.

Top features of Social Snap:

●     Social login option

●     Social content locker

●     Complete social analytics

●     Social meta tags

●     Button customization

We love that Social Snap has a beautiful social sharing button with button customization. That means you can display the sharing button almost anywhere you want.

Additionally, it provides many other great features, including the social meta tag option, which lets you add a custom description, title, and image for social sharing.

Or the Click-to-Tweet feature allows you to customize what content you want users to share.

It's also possible to boost your old posts and content to keep your content fresh with new social shares from social sites.

Unfortunately, they don't offer the free version, but you can try all premium plans risk-free for 30 days.

Iconosquare - Best for Brands and Agencies

Iconosquare launched in 2011. Known for its analytical power. Also offers schedule platforms and monitoring tools.

It offers many excellent features with all your leading indicators at a glance like top tweets, comments, likes, community growth, impressions, engagement, and more.

Top features of Iconosquare:

●     Evolving functionality

●     Industry benchmarks

●     Competitive analysis features

●     Excellent automated posts

Give Iconosquare a try if you're looking for a tool that will help you get content out there but will also help you improve your marketing performance.

They do not provide a free tool but offer a 14-day free trial.

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