The Future of Business Cards.



Tap your card on a phone to instantly share your info.

The recipient doesn't need to download or install anything. It works in the browser.

The last business card you'll ever need to buy.

Save $$$ by never needing to buy business card's again! Your MagicCard can be updated with just a few clicks.

It’s an awesome conversation starter to break the ice.

It’s an awesome conversation starter to break the ice.

Link to your contact info, socials, services, and more all in one tap.

For networking: Grow your connections! Add your sales page, book clients, and close more deals in person!

For creators: Instantly connect others with all your social platforms. In a single tap.

For Artists: Link directly to all your streaming platforms with a single tap.

For Businesses: Your menu, payment apps, and review pages are just a single tap away!

Business cards are so disgusting 🤮

Your info doesn’t deserve to get lost in the stack.

It won't break the bank.

Worldwide shipping 🌎. Affordable price.

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It's more than just a card.

Key features that make MagicCard unique.

Collect email addresses into our built in CRM.

Znaplink has a built in CRM and email marketing functionality. Collect your audiences email addresses right from your Znaplink page, with our pre-built email collection widget.

Connect your own domain

Make your page, your own by connecting your own domain. Go from to

Built In Analytics

Built in analytics show you detailed insights about the traffic, referrers and statistics of your Znaplink page. For a better understanding of your audience.

Google & FaceBook Integrations

Integrate your Znaplink page with Google analytics and Facebook pixel for more detailed targeting and tracking.

Sell digital products directly from your page.

Sell courses, templates and more directly from your Znaplink page! Monetise your clicks, without needing more software.

Manage Multiple Pages From One Account

Manage multiple pages from one account, perfect for managers or people with more than one project.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Read our frequently asked questions and answers below.


Why are they free?

Most companies like to charge for their products. We thought more people would buy if the product was free.


Can I engrave my name on the card?

Nope. We're giving away this product for free, we can't afford to engrave your name.


Does the other person need an app?

No, MagicCard is completely web-based and doesn't require any app to set up or scan. The other person doesn't need a card either - just their phone.


What phones are compatible?

MagicCard is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices.

(Most Android devices + iPhone's XR and newer.)


Where do you ship to?

Worldwide! We offer worldwide shipping.


Do you have support?

We have 24/7 free online support, or have a read through our support & help documentation.