Getting Started on Zaap

This tutorial will guide you get started on Zaap by step by step

Step 1. Choose a unique link for your page

Visit and choose your Zaap page link.

We also call the page link as Zaap username, your zaap link will be

You can always change this username later

Step 2. Create your Account on Zaap

You can create your Zaap account using your Email ID or Google account

Tips for choosing a good username

- Pick a short name which is easy to remember

- Try to avoid . (dots) and other characters

- Include keywords related to your brand or industry

Benefits of having a good username

+ Improved first impression : A professional username can help you make a more positive first impression when meeting with colleagues or clients online.

+ Increased brand recognition : If you're planning to sell products or services online, a recognizable and professional username may help you increase brand recognition and build trust with customers and clients.

+ Increased brand recognition : Having a professional username can help you improve your personal branding, which represents the identity you've chosen to promote your skills and expertise online

+ Larger audience : A professional username can also help you attract more visitors to your social media, which can be beneficial when trying to gain new customers or network with important people in your field

Step 3. Add Socials to your Page

After you have created your account, you will be prompted to add your social profiles

Tip: You only have to enter your username because the social platform domain is set by default. You can change your socials any time you want

Step 4. Add your Tags

After you have added your socials, you will be prompted to add your tags

Step 5. Write a Short Bio

After you have added your Tags, you will be prompted to write a short bio.

Tip: Your bio is automatically written by AI and you can edit it or write it on your own if you want.

Step 6. Complete your profile

After you have added your Bio, you will be prompted to add your page title, profile picture and page theme.

This can be changed later

Step 7. Choose your plan

After you have selected your plan, your Zaap page will be live

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