Why customer payments fail

Customers can pay for your products on Zaap using their PayPal accounts, or their credit/debit cards.

Here are a few potential reasons why their payment was declined:

Their Credit Card Provider Is Blocking the Purchases

Sometimes a bank will flag transactions that happen online (usually for small amounts). They can contact their bank and let them know what's happening.

PayPal Is Blocking their Purchase

They may not have enough funds on their debit card, or in their PayPal account, to make this transaction go through. PayPal may also be under the impression that their account has been hijacked, and is preventing them from making a purchase.

Your customer will need to contact PayPal's support team to move things forward.

Browser Error

They'll need to try purchasing in a different browser. If they still experience errors, they'll need to download the latest version of their Internet browser and try again.

Proxy Server

If they're using a proxy server or VPN, they'll need to turn off the proxy or VPN and attempt the purchase again.

'Zip Code' Errors

If they are being asked to enter their ZIP or Postal code, that means that their credit card provider is asking them to verify that they know the ZIP code attached to their card. This is an identity verification check - the card provider is making sure the card user is the card owner.

The ZIP Code or Postal code we need is the one stored by their credit card provider. They can contact their credit card provider if they are unsure about what it is.

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