Zaap FAQs

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Q1. Does old Znap Links work in future?

Yes! The old Znaplinks will be redirected to their respective Zaap links.

Q2. Can I change my Zaap Page URL anytime?

Yes you can!

Q3. Would the old Zaap URL reroute to the new one if I alter the name of my Zaap page?

No, it won't


Q1. Can I sell Downloadable Files on Zaap?

Yes you can!

Q2. Does Zaap take any fee from my sales?

Yes, when you make a sale, we charge a 3% fee. This does not include credit card processing or Payment Processors fees

Q3. What is minimum threshold for payout?

There is no minimum payment amount on Zaap. The payment will be sent immediately to the connected payment method for you.


Q1. Can I connect Zaap page to my own Domain?

Yes you can! Make sure you are a Zaap PRO member to connect your Custom Domain to Zaap

Q2. I am getting DNS not propagated Error, what should I do now?

DNS might take up to 24 hours to propagate, so keep on trying after some hours once it is propagated, it will be connected. And, this is not on our end, it depends on the domain registrar from where you bought the domain from.

If you can't connect your domain, contact us

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