February 13, 2021

7 Best Free Linktree Alternatives For 2024 (Full Guide)

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7 Best Free Linktree Alternatives For 2024 (Full Guide)

Key takeaways

🎉 LinkTree - The oldest tool here, but has it fallen behind?

🎉 Zaap.ai - Relatively new however its fresh design has promise

🎉 Tap Bio - Interesting interactive features

🎉 Feedlink - Well optimised for both desktop and mobile

🎉 Milkshake - A very unique ‘link-in-bio’ option

🎉 Campsite - Create a unique landing page

🎉 Beacons - Promising features for creators

Is your brand harnessing the full potential of marketing in 2021?

If you only have one link in your bio, the answer is probably no.

Over the past few years, link-in-bio tools such as Linktree and Znaplink have seen a surge in popularity, no longer restricting Instagram accounts to only a single link in their bio. However, with so many of these tools now available, the question becomes, which should you be using?

While many of these tools now exist, we’ve narrowed down the list of potential candidates to those that distinguish themselves from the rest. These are:

🎉 LinkTree - The oldest tool here, but has it fallen behind?

🎉 Zaap.ai - Relatively new however its fresh design has promise

🎉 Tap Bio - Interesting interactive features

🎉 Feedlink - Well optimised for both desktop and mobile

🎉 Milkshake - A very unique ‘link-in-bio’ option

🎉 Campsite - Create a unique landing page

🎉 Beacons - Promising features for creators

To compare these tools we’ll be looking at 4 main categories: ease-of-use, design, pricing and functionality. A quality tool will excel in all 4 of these categories, allowing for an intuitive end-to-end experience and ultimately providing high conversion rates for your brand or business.


Linktree is often seen as one of the first link-in-bio tools, and is certainly the most popular. The question is, has their success led them to become complacent or have they kept up with their competition?

First, let’s look at ease-of-use. There’s no denying that Linktree offers one of the most intuitive experiences around with a simple sign-up process to easy insertion of links. Has this simplicity led to sacrifices in the functionality department however?

As for design, linktree is fairly boring comparatively with limited styling options and an unimpressive layout. The overwhelming impression we got is: this is just a list of links.

In terms of pricing, LinkTree offers a free and pro plan, for which they charge $6 a month. For this, you gain access to detailed analytics and customisation options such as different backgrounds and styles. In fact we were left quite disappointed by how sparingly Linktree gave features to their free plan. There isn’t much more to it than simply a list of unstyled links.

Linktree sits about average when comparing functionality. They offer the majority of the features you’d need however nothing more. On top of that, they’re all locked away in the pro plan.


Zaap is a relatively new link-in-bio tool, but there’s plenty of potential here to rival the likes of Tap Bio and Feedlink. If intuitive visual design and built-in advanced features are high on your list of priorities, then Znaplink may well become a fast favourite.

One of the main draws of Zaap is that it’s a completely free alternative to Linktree, and still offers the advanced features you’d expect to find with a premium link-in-bio tool. You’ll gain access to in-depth statistics and support for Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics without the monthly price tag of various pro plans.

When it comes to ease-of-use, Zaap is just as simple to set up as Linktree and really excels at organising your Instagram feed in a way that’s both visually interesting and clear for your followers to scroll through, search and save. There’s something satisfying about structuring and grouping your links into folders and seeing them automatically transformed into visual widgets.

The way Zaap is designed sets it apart from other options like Milkshake. It doesn’t let you mess with your page’s appearance; instead, it takes care of all the visual stuff for you, which can save a lot of time if you’re more interested in clicks than tinkering with design options.

Whether you're trying to make the most of your one Instagram link, or wanting to convert your audience on TikTok to your other online profiles, Zaap offers a clean, well-designed and free way of organising your links, with some quite innovative features that we haven't seem before in other tools.

When considering ease-of-use, design, pricing and functionality, newcomer Zaap is a strong choice across the board. We like the way it offers advanced tracking features without the fees and some fresh design ideas to drive conversion rates.

Tap Bio

The thing we like most about Tap Bio is its interactive features. These range from simple call to action cards to tappable Instagram links cards and Youtube cards that automatically feature your latest video.

Tap Bio offers free and premium packages. Unfortunately, its free ‘basic’ version won’t get you very far, as you’re limited to one account and won’t have access to the stats you get with its silver and gold packages. The full gold experience, which gives you unlimited cards, stats, and the removal of the company’s branding for three Instagram accounts, will cost you $12 monthly or $96 per year.

Tap Bio features a more polished experience than tools like LinkTree at the expense of a slightly higher learning curve. Having access to a growing array of cards for linking to Twitter and other sites is great for promoting your personal brand but can seem a little overwhelming at first. Luckily the editing tools are simple and intuitive, letting you add captions and links with a few taps. This, coupled with the mobile-focused design, makes it a powerful choice if you’re willing to shell out for the premium versions.


Another newer link-in-bio tool, Feedlink is one of the more versatile options thanks to how well optimised it is on both desktop and mobile. Part of the EmbedAlbum family, it’s available as part of their free and paid plans.

In terms of ease-of-use, Feedlink is one of the simpler tools to get to grips with. You begin by connecting your Instagram account and from there you can either choose to use the same link for your photos or a different link for each. There isn’t much in the way of style options, but it does let you customise your button text, which can be useful for blog posts or e-commerce pages.

The design can best be described as minimalist, which may be perfect for some but a little limiting for others. One useful feature is the preview tab, which instantly shows you just how your album will look to your audience. There are also some decent stats available that track the trends in your feed’s views and clicks.

We were a little disappointed with Feedlink’s functionality when compared to other options like Znaplink, as you won’t be able to link multiple accounts or use EmbedAlbum’s responsive mode or layout options without paying for their premium plans, which range from $19 per month to a hefty $99 per month. If simplicity is key, Feedlink is a reliable choice for providing your followers with multiple links.


Milkshake is one of the more unique link-in-bio tools out there, with the mission of turning your links into a mini mobile website. The app takes the cards you create and builds a slideshow-style site based on the customisable colours, fonts and images you choose.

Ambitious? Yes, but that’s what we like about it. The mobile app is straightforward to use and could be a big help if you’re not confident building a full website from scratch (or simply don’t have the time). That said, sometimes less is more, and this won’t be the right choice for everyone — particularly social media creators with existing websites.

We like how intuitive the results are, and the swipe gesture navigation will work naturally for Instagram scrollers. The main downside at this time is that its template options are fairly limited, meaning your Milkshake site won’t look particularly unique from any other on the platform.

If you manage multiple Instagram accounts, Milkshake easily lets you switch between them, which is a plus. There are also some handy statistics that let you know which of your content converts best on a weekly or monthly basis. You might expect a paid subscription from a tool like this, but as we’re seeing with newer tools like Znaplink, Milkshake is completely free.


Although not entirely marketed as an 'unlimited' URL submission tool, Campsite sure knows how to convert 1 link into multiple channels. With this, you can create a unique title and description associated with your every Instagram post, video, and stories.

When you use the campsite as your Instagram landing page, you can launch unique marketing campaigns to target your Instagram follows. Campsite supports both Google AdWords and Facebook marketing.

Campsite features include, archive and restore previous links, retarget Facebook Pixels and Good AdWords, access analytics, customizable color and landing page.


The startup known as Beacons.ai has caused lot's of people to switch from Linktr.ee. Their main selling factor is that your page will keep up with you content. It allows you to add your content from YouTube, Spotify, and more.

While their profile pages might look outdated, their features are super helpful for building a business. Functionality like letting your fans support you, and accepting support from your followers right on your page are totally unique.

Overall, if you're looking for a page to help monetise your following, Beacons is a good choice. However, apart from that the profiles seem clunky and many features are locked away behind the paid plan.


Shorby Homepage

If you're looking for a Linktree alternative that closely resembles its functionality, Shorby is your go-to option. With Shorby, you can create a personalized "smart page" that houses all your content from various platforms. Whether it's your latest blog post, video, or social media bios, you can include links to them all in one place.But that's not all! Shorby also allows you to connect with your audience across different social media platforms. Showcase your Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok bios on your Shorby page, and engage with your fans seamlessly.

Additionally, Shorby lets you share links to your latest Snapchat Stories, as well as your YouTube, Twitch, and Patreon pages. You can even enable a link to your desired messenger, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, making it easy for people to reach out to you.

With Shorby, you'll also have access to helpful reporting features. Monitor the performance of your smart pages and messenger links to gain valuable insights into your audience's engagement.

Pricing: Shorby offers three plans starting at $15/month ($12/month annually). The higher-tier plans unlock additional features, such as the ability to build more smart pages and use custom domains per project.


Pallyy - Instagram Bio Link Homepage

For those seeking a complete Instagram marketing toolkit, Pallyy is the perfect solution. Alongside its bio link tool, Pallyy offers a range of features, including post scheduling, social inbox, analytics, and more. With Pallyy, you get excellent value for your money, making it a cost-effective alternative to Linktree.

With Pallyy's bio link tool, you can insert multiple links in your Instagram profile, allowing you to direct your audience to various destinations. Whether it's your website, blog, or product pages, you have the flexibility to showcase your content and offerings effortlessly.

But Pallyy doesn't stop there. It provides a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your Instagram strategy. From scheduling your posts to managing comments, conducting research, and analyzing your performance, Pallyy has got you covered.

Pricing: Pallyy offers different pricing tiers based on the number of Instagram accounts you manage. Prices start at $10/month for a single account, making it an affordable option for individuals and small businesses.


If you're looking to create not just a landing page but a complete website for your Instagram account, Leadpages is the perfect choice. With its user-friendly interface and a vast library of beautiful templates, Leadpages makes website creation a breeze.

In addition to its website-building capabilities, Leadpages also offers a bio link tool that allows you to insert multiple links in your Instagram profile. Customize your bio link page to match your brand's aesthetics and showcase your content and offerings effectively.

Whether you're an aspiring influencer or a business leader, Leadpages empowers you to create stunning online experiences for your audience.

Pricing: Leadpages offers three pricing tiers starting at $25/month when billed annually. Each plan offers different features and functionalities, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.


So there you have it, a list of some of the best Link in Bio tools. Each one of these tools is designed uniquely. If you want to create attractive landing pages while giving your audience a narrow down approach, a free tool is more than enough.

Likewise, if you want to use additional features like third-party integration and campaign support, a paid tool will get the job done. The tool you choose will help you reach your marketing efforts while increasing your brand awareness and credibility. Try the Instagram link in the bio tool today and direct your followers to where you want them.

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