The business card for creators*

*and everyone else

We call it MagicCard*

*Not actually magic


Tap your card on a phone to instantly share your profile*

*Share your links, socials & contact info!
The recipient doesn't need to download or install anything. It works in the browser.

The last business card you'll ever need to buy*

*it's more than a business card
Save $$$ by never needing to buy business card's again! Your MagicCard can be updated with just a few clicks.

It’s an awesome conversation starter to break the ice.

It’s an awesome conversation starter to break the ice.
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It won't break the bank.

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Got questions? We've got answers.

Read our frequently asked questions and answers below.


Why are they so cheap?

Most companies spend their marketing budget on Google/Facebook Ads. We didn't want to.

Instead, we spend our marketing budget on these MagicCards.


Can I engrave my name on the card?

Not yet. We're working on this possibility for the future.


Does the other person need an app?

No, MagicCard is completely web-based and doesn't require any app to set up or scan. The other person doesn't need a card either - just their phone.


What phones are compatible?

MagicCard is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices.

(Most Android devices + iPhone's XR and newer.)


Where do you ship to?

We offer worldwide shipping. It costs us around $3 to ship anywhere in the world, but we only charge you a fixed $2.49 for shipping to help cover this cost.


Do you have support?

We have 24/7 free online support, or have a read through our support & help documentation.


When will they be released?

We're still finalising the Card technology, design and software. Once completed we'll start production. Our estimates are for March to April 2023.