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This changelog tracks items that have been completed. The main purpose of the changelog is to keep the product development transparent.

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April 25th 2024

Auto-Sync Instagram Posts


Always show your latest Instagram Posts.

For Pro and Ultra users.

April 15th 2024

New: Affiliate Program, Inside Zaap


We've built in the affiliate program, inside of Zaap.

This means everyone has a link to share, no need to sign up for another service.

Earn 25% recurring revenue for every creator you refer.

Cash out your earnings, or donate to charity (Save the Children).

March 30th 2024

Zaap 2.0 · Turn your audience into a business.


Today we're shifting our mission slightly, and with that launching Zaap 2.0 to highlight everything that's new with Zaap since our last launch, over a year ago.

Our mission is simple. Provide a platform to allow creators turn their audience, into a business.

March 19th 2024

Zapier Integration


👉 Learn how to connect Zaap to Zapier

March 18th 2024

New: Discount Codes

Jan 19th 2024

Limited: Zaap Lifetime Deal

Jan 5 2024

Zaap Page Refresh · We've redesigned bio pages from the ground up

Dec 8 2023

S€ll. $ell. £ell. Multiple currencies.

Dec 6 2023

Show your style. Change your page font


👉 Learn how to change your page font

July 15 2023

Introducing Posts. Blogs, but simple and beautiful.

New Drop
July 15 2023

Re-order your social icons + New Threads icon.

June 10 2023

Keep everyone on the same link.
Invite team members to your Zaap.

New Drop

Meet Zaap Teams - a fresh way for agencies to collaborate with their clients. Invite team members to each Zaap project, to keep everyone on the same page.

👉 Learn how to add team members

Apr 9 2023

Hola. Ciao. नमस्ते. 13 New Languages to choose from.


We've added 13 New languages to choose from - so you can use Zaap wherever you are in the world!

Apr 2 2023

New Drop: Notion-Style Newsletters

New Drop

Change your page Language
Newsletter scheduling.
Save as drafts.
Send test newsletters
Duplicate newsletters
Send newsletters for free
Edit scheduled newsletters

Mar 1 '23

New Block: Contact Form

New Feature

Let visitors contact you directly with our Contact Form block

Feb 9 '23

PayPal is here - sell with PayPal.

New Feature

- Connect your PayPal account
- Sell products using PayPal
- Get paid with PayPal

Dec 22 '22

Meet Zaap - new brand, product and mission.


- Duplicate links and projects
- Option to open links in a new tab
- Embed YouTube videos and Tweets
- New 'Orders' page
- Sell products and downloads from your page
- Pages are now 100% reliable

July 16 '22

Sell digital products straight from your Znaplink page!


- Sell digital products from Znaplink
- Map fields when importing a CSV of subscribers
- Added 'Name' to email collection widget

June 7 '22

Znaplink 3.0 is here!


- Show latest Tweets automatically
- Drag links between folders
- Drag single links into folders
- ConvertKit email intergration
- Sendinblue email integration
- Ability to disabled verified check

Apr 29 '22

Text Block - add Headings, Subheadings, Body text and Images to your page. Sign in with Google. Custom domains + more!


- Text block widget
- Custom domains for Pro users
- Sign-in-with-Google added
- Redesigned editor page

Mar 8 '22

Emails are free. Quicker load time for pages. New advanced custom theme builder. New banners. New social icon design. + More


- New server for image uploads. Pages load quicker and less upload issues
- Znaplink emails are free, unlimited emails up to 500 contacts.
- New default banner section
- PayPal, Snapchat, Telegram and Reddit social icons
- New social icon design for all icons
- Pro: New advanced custom theme builder
- Pro: Fixed TikTok widget bug

Feb 14 '22

Introducing Emails. A super-easy way to send unlimited emails to your community.


- New community dashboard
- New way for community members to 'unsubscribe'
- Track unsubscribes in dashboard
- Send emails using the drag-and-drop email builder

Jan 22 '22

Keep your page updated automatically to always show your latest TikTok videos


- Auto-updating TikTok widget: automatically show your latest TikTok's to your page.
- Auto YouTube widget update: select how many videos to show
- Thinner desktop page max-width for better usability
- Fixed Link preview refresh bug
- New link editor popup: improves editing links
- New sign up process design
- New welcome emails

Dec 13 '21

Znaplink Update 2.5

- Turn links 'On' or 'Off', instead of deleting them
- New Profile Styles in theme settings
- New Banner style profile
- Custom theme builder
- Community analytics
- Verified check for Pro users
- Pro subscription

Nov 12 '21

Znaplink Update 2.4

- Added Auto Updating Youtube Widget
- Added Community tab to manage email subscribers
- New single link styles

Oct 16 '21

Znaplink Update 2.3

- Added Mailto (Email) links
- Backend improvements

Sep 12 '21

Znaplink Update 2.2

- Updated 'Kit Widget'
- Removed need for https
- Added help buttons
- Bug and performance changes

Aug 18 '21

Znaplink Update 2.1

- New dark coloured themes
- New 'Books' widget
- New link design on profile pages
- User experience improvements
- Hover animations for profile pages
- Added  website, Clubhouse and Buymeacoffee buttons
- Brand new desktop profile page design

July 8 '21

Znaplink Update 2.0

- Refreshed design for all pages
- Updated font for profiles
- Added a single link block
- Added an email sign up block
- Created a dynamic link creation popup
- Updated theme colours
- New default profile picture
- General bug fixes

Released July 8th
Jun 14 '21

Znaplink Update 1.7

- Redesigned Link editor
- Added new social icons for header (Twitch, Dribbble & Behance)
- Auto generating default links
- New 3D icons
- Random image thumbnails
- Updated dashboard UI

May 30 '21

Znaplink Update 1.6

- Updated Link editor page design
- Ability to track indivudial link statistics
- Added a statistics summary bar, showing impressions.
- General changes & bug fixes

Apr 15 '21

Znaplink Update 1.5

- Added a guided sign up process
- A.I generated link descriptions
- Speed improvements for page load time
- Bug fixes

Mar 29 '21

Znaplink Update 1.4.5

-Added 5 new themes for profiles
- Added a dark more for profiles
- Useablilty improvements