March 13, 2021

👋🏻 Say Hello To Znaplink | Your Online Homepage

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👋🏻 Say Hello To Znaplink | Your Online Homepage

Key takeaways

Ever feel like your online presence is scattered across the web?

Managing your content on multiple platforms can feel like a full time job.

👋🏻 Say hello to Znaplink.

znaplink is more than just another link-in-bio tool. It’s your personal online homepage, connecting your accounts, content and profiles all in one place.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to be using znaplink in 2021:

🎉  Finally a link in bio tool that looks good

🎉  100% free. Not just a ‘free plan’.

🎉  Organise your links into folders

znaplink empowers and enhances online platforms for content creators of all sizes. From the unique profile design to the powerful features and analytics, there is nothing quite like it.

Clean, modern and functional by design ✏️

There’s no other way to put it; traditional link-in-bio tools are boring! Simply a list of links with no style or modern design that we’ve become accustomed to in 2021. znaplink changes that.

You shouldn’t have to pay to share your links 💸

Say goodbye to monthly fees or upfront costs. znaplink has all the features you want for free. In-depth analytics, unlimited links, 3rd party integrations and much more. You won’t be disappointed.

Categorize your links into folders 📂

Group your links into organised widgets on your profile.

Have multiple Youtube videos? Create a folder to group them together.

Selling multiple products? Create a folder to group them together.

This allows people viewing your profile to quickly, and easily find exactly the content that they’re looking for.

No more confusing lists of repetitive-looking links.

Get started for free here.

Upgrade your Link-in-bio. Meet Zaap.

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