February 13, 2021

How To Add Clickable Links To Your Bio

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How To Add Clickable Links To Your Bio

Key takeaways

Yes, it’s true, TikTok are finally starting to catch up in the world of bio links! Last year the TikTok Link-in-bio tool was rolled out to all android users, but as of February 2021, not all ios users have access.

Slowly but surely the powerful business tool is making its way to all creators, but if you’re unsure if your account has the feature, then follow the steps we’ve outlined to find out!

How to add a TikTok Link-In-Bio.

Let’s first see if your account already has access:

- Go to your TikTok profile and select ‘Edit Profile’.

- Under your bio should be an option that says ‘Website’.

- Enter your link and that’s it done!

If this is not available yet then you may have to switch to a business account, here’s how:

- Go to your TikTok profile.

- Click the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner.

- Access your ‘Settings and Privacy’ page.

- Tap ‘Switch to Business Account’.

- Go back to ‘Edit Profile’.

- Add your link to the ‘Website’ option!

Note: When switching to a business account, certain copyrighted materials (like Taylor Swift songs!) will not be allowed for commercial use.

Don’t worry, you can switch back to a personal account at any time!

Now hopefully that worked for you! But if it didn’t, there’s one last solution you can try:

- Click the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of your TikTok profile.

- Click ‘Join TikTok Testers’ (not all countries have this option).

- Go to the App Store and download the app ‘TestFlight’.

- In the app click ‘Start Testing’ and download the new version of TikTok.

- Go back to your TikTok profile and click ‘Edit Profile’.

- Add your link to the ‘Website’ option underneath the bio section.

If none of this has worked then unfortunately you’ll have to wait until TikTok rolls it out to your device.  

So now you know how to add a link to your bio, but what should your link be? You’re a creator with lots of content streams, what link is most important? How do you choose? Don’t panic, we’ve got your solution!

The Best Link-In-Bio Tools

Znaplink is by far the best link-in-bio tool for TikTok. Many users have not stopped using other platforms, like Linktree for TikTok bio tools, but with an ever-changing social media landscape, Znaplink has adapted to become far superior to all other link-in-bio tools.

Why use Znaplink?

1. It Actually Looks Good!

Simply put, classic link-in-bio tools are BORING! Znaplink has a clean and modern design that represents your brand in a professional and functional way. In 2021 we should never settle for average aesthetics, Znaplink never settles.

2. Organise Your Content.

This is a huge feature that standard link-in-bio tools have failed to implement. Long repetitive lists of links are a thing of the past. We’ve allowed you to group all your related content into folders, making a much smoother, enjoyable experience for your customers.

Want to group your videos together? Use Znaplink.

Selling multiple products? Group them together with Znaplink!

Note: Making your platform as easy and accessible as possible is so important for increasing traffic and conversions. If you’ve got a customer on the fence about your products or content, they’re not going to spend ages searching through endless links. Using Znaplink makes it incredibly simple to find what you’re searching for, increasing your likelihood of not only growing your brand, but your profit margin as well!

3. It’s 100% Free!

We’ve saved the best until last! No more monthly plans or upfront costs, and it’s not even a ‘free plan’, it’s all 100% free. Why should you have to pay to share your own content?!

With Znaplink you’ll have access to; in depth analysis, unlimited links, 3rd party integrations and much more!

Want more reasons to use Znaplink? Here’s a list of features this game changing app provides:

- Link Thumbnails.

- Google Analytics.

- Facebook Pixel

- Social Icon

- SEO Features

- Link Scheduling

While Linktree is currently leading the way, it is failing to adapt to the times and includes none of these features mentioned above! Check out our full comparison on why Znaplink is better than Linktree.

Znaplink is continually innovating and adapting, but we promise that any addition to the tool will always be 100% free. Due to the app being completely free, we never make any money from it. We honestly want to create a tool that truly benefits all who use it.

Want to get started with Znaplink? Here’s how:

  1. Go to znaplink.com
  2. Create an Account
  3. Create a page
  4. Edit your page
  5. Add your links
  6. Share your links

Your Instagram bio is an important part of your personal brand.

It’s the first thing potential followers see when tapping on your profile and lets them know the kind of content to expect from your feed (we’re partial to a good pet photo).

As every influencer, marketer, and business/cat owner knows, this is the only place Instagram allows you to place a link — after all, they want you to stay on their app for as long as possible.

The downside? You can only ever place one link in your bio at a time. Or at least that used to be the case before tools like Znaplink started changing the game.

Link-in-bio tools have gained a massive following on social media, and it’s easy to see why.

By letting you set up customisable landing pages for your links, it’s simpler than ever to direct your followers to your website, blog or online store and sidestep the frustration of only having one link in your Instagram bio.

How To Add Links To Your Bio

Let’s start with the basics of how to put a link in your Instagram bio.

The simplest way to share a link with your followers is to directly edit your profile.

Along with a description of yourself, associated hashtags and links to other profiles, the ‘edit profile’ button gives you an input field for your website, which is where you’ll want to add your URL. You already know the catch though: Instagram only lets you add a single link to your bio.

It’s clear the standard method of adding one URL to your bio just isn’t cutting it anymore.

One of the first platforms to realise this was Linktree for Instagram, which provides a straightforward service for adding multiple links to your bio.

We salute Linktree for getting the ball rolling, but it’s by no means the only name you should pay attention to in 2021.

It’s still a popular choice, but the premium price tags and dated free Linktree package don’t stack up to newer alternatives. That’s where Znaplink comes in.

So, what’s the deal with Znaplink?

Think of it as a fully free alternative to Linktree with a few bells and whistles attached – a personal online homepage to connect your accounts, content and profiles.

To get started, first sign up and connect your Instagram accounts.

Once that’s done you can start adding as many links as you like, along with thumbnails and social icons.

When you’re done, simply copy and paste your profile link in your bio like you normally would — it should look something like this: znap.link/yourname.

Remember, you can always keep adding new links to your Znaplink page without having to update your bio every single time.

Organise your links

To really make the most of your Instagram bio, you’re going to want a tool that does more than display multiple links in an endless list.

Znaplink is different to traditional tools like Linktree because it’s been built with a visual experience in mind. Let’s say you run a cookery Instagram and you want to link your followers to recipes for each part of a three-course meal.

Znaplink lets you create a folder with thumbnails of your food and different tappable links for your starter, main, and dessert. We think that’s pretty tasty.

Make your bio stand out

Enough with boring lists! To make your Instagram bio really stand out, you want something that shows the best of you and your brand. It sounds cheesy, but when you’re building your bio with interactive widgets, the possibilities really are endless.

You could use your bio as a portfolio to showcase your artwork, or turn your followers into paying customers by linking out to your online store. Selling multiple products? Group them all together in one easy-to-find folder.

Influencers and travel accounts can use their bio to recommend places to stay and things for their loyal fans to do when exploring different destinations, not to mention the possibilities for promoting partnerships and directing your audience to the brands you're collaborating with.

It’s easy to inspire your followers and give them top tips when you’re using a tool that’s simple for everyone to navigate. Znaplink takes care of the nitty-gritty design work for you, so your links always look good.

What are the odds your Instagram followers are active on other sites like Youtube or TikTok? Use your bio to display your videos and watch your channel grow as it gains new subscribers. Znaplink doesn’t just work with Instagram either. In fact, you can use it with just about any social media platform out there.

Understand your followers and drive action

Another reason we think you’ll find Znaplink is the best link in bio tool for Instagram?

The behind-the-scenes stuff. You shouldn’t have to pay a large sum every month to know what your followers are clicking and how your content converts.

Znaplink gives you access to advanced statistics that are hidden behind a paywall with Linktree Pro, plus support for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel built in.

In fact, Znaplink outshines Linktree’s free plan in a number of ways, letting you do some pretty important things like:

- Schedule links in advance and avoid the stress of micromanaging your accounts

- Bypass your profile for a set amount of time with leap links to send your followers straight to the good stuff

- Connect your custom domain for a personal touch

- Boost your rankings with handy SEO features

Now that we’ve given you a few ideas for making the most of your bio, it’s time to get out there and put them into action. Get started with Znaplink’s forever free link-in-bio tool and discover the benefits for yourself.

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