June 22, 2021

10 Free Website Builders for Content Creators In 2023

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10 Free Website Builders for Content Creators In 2023

Key takeaways

Whether you create content on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, having a strong brand is vital to your business. And what is the key to a strong brand, I hear you ask? Well, one of them is owning a great website.

But with hundreds of website builders on the market, how do you know where to start? Luckily, we have decided to make your life easy and hand-picked the top ten free website builders, with you, the content creator, in mind. So, read on!

1) Znaplink

We will start with our favourite – Znaplink. This is a link management platform which allows you to quickly and easily craft a beautiful home for all of your accounts. It offers full customisation, detailed analytics, and advanced link management tools; all right at your fingertips!

This website builder is an absolute must-have for content creators of any shape or form.

Whatever your medium, the chances are that your following will be on social media, and it will be divided across a number of platforms.

Znaplink allows you to collate all of your accounts and links under one short URL, giving your followers access to all of your work, in one place.

In terms of the design interface, it is intuitive and beautifully easy to use. There is a preview panel which displays what your page will look like whilst you edit, and a raft of other powerful features including AI-generated thumbnails and link descriptions (for those who prefer a handsfree approach to web design).

There is also an extensive array of themes to choose from and even a dark mode, to allow for full customisation to match your website to your brand.

Znaplink also offers content creators the chance to fully integrate Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics into their website. This feature sits alongside the platform’s own analytics system, collectively amounting to an enviable array of engagement analytics tools.

Unlike many other providers, Znaplink also offers the chance to take full control of your page by grouping your links into folders, as well as offering link scheduling and some basic SEO features to boost your engagement.

On the topic of engagement, it is probably worth mentioning that Znaplink boasts a 150% higher click rate compared to rivals like Linktree.

Now, this is all very impressive, I know. But how can we be so sure that Znaplink is our favourite? Well, it’s quite simple really. Znaplink was the only platform that we could find which offered such a comprehensive and quality service for absolutely nothing. There is no premium or pro version which harbours all the goodies. Everything is available and it is available for free.

2) Linktree

Another player in the website builder game, Linktree’s free service is a popular link management platform amongst Instagram users and Tiktokkers alike.

Like Znaplink, it offers a short URL which you can post across your socials, and which leads you to a page hosting all of your accounts and other links.

The interface is clean, and it is a highly intuitive platform which, it must be said, is a pleasure to use. You can choose an attractive, professionally designed theme and add as many links as you like. Linktree also allows you to integrate your page with the Amazon Influencer Program which is a huge bonus if you are securing those lucrative brand deals.

With that being said, Linktree reserves many of its best features for its PRO users.

This subscription will set you back $6 per month and without it you cannot edit button styles or fonts, nor can you remove the Linktree logo, which can be somewhat distracting on a small phone screen. If you are willing to part with the cash however, you will also gain access to link scheduling features, as well as the option to prioritise links and include thumbnails.

3) Wix

It would be remiss of us to create a list of the top website builders and to not include Wix.

Wix is an absolute titan of the personal website industry, hosting over 160 million websites and boasting over 15 years’ experience. However, it is also worth mentioning that despite its impressive resume, it may not be the perfect choice for content creators.

Creators, by definition, will usually fall under categories such as Youtube creator, Tiktokker, or Instagrammer, and it makes sense because these are the best platforms for sharing your content. So, if your social media platforms are your most important outlet then there is very little to gain from owning a large and complicated website.

This is where the beauty in a service like Znaplink or Linktree lies, in our opinion.

Obviously, there are some exceptions. Some of you may be looking to open an online store, for instance, or share your photography portfolio online, and if that is the case then Wix may just be the right choice for you.

In terms of useability, the platform’s site editor is blissfully easy to operate (a breath of fresh air after many others that we tried...) and with over 800 designer-made themes and countless high-quality stock photos to choose from, there is little chance that your creative vision will go unfulfilled. It also offers 250 tailored apps for you to use including Wix Bookings and Wix Events.

Wix does offer a free service, thereby qualifying it for this list, however, many of its best features are reserved for paying customers. Wix’s pricing system is tiered and starts as low as $4.50p/m (if you are happy with a Wix generated adverts).

If you are willing to stump up $8.50p/m then you can own an ad-free Wix website, and for $24.50p/m you get the VIP package; the main selling point of which is priority tech support.

If you were looking to start an online shop, the Business Basic package will cost you $15.50p/m and will provide most of the features you will need.

For those looking for a full website, Wix will likely be the best option out there. However, it is important to remember that to unlock most of the site’s utility, you will need to pay. And for most content creators who rely on social media to share their work, it will add very little value for money. If you fall under the latter category, then a link management platform will likely be the better choice for you.

4) Squarespace

Now, one for the bloggers. We would hate for you to accuse us of only serving the Tiktokkers and Youtubers so here is our recommendation if your chosen form of expression is the written word.

Squarespace really does excel in this field, offering infrastructure for running a multi-author blog, Disqus integration and AMP support for faster mobile loading. It boasts a plethora of truly beautiful themes and designs, and even includes a podcasting feature which allows you to host your audio files for Apple Podcasts.

There are a few aspects of the site which we didn’t like as much, such as the grid system that it uses when customising your site, meaning you have to ‘snap’ things into place. It is also on the pricey side, with the cheapest per month subscription setting you back $12. However, for this price, you gain access to an enviable Support team which will hopefully cut out any of the usual stresses involved in running your own website, as well as access to Squarespace’s webinars and forums.

5) Aspect

In at number 5, Aspect. Although not an industry heavy weight like Wix or Squarespace, this up-and-comer is disrupting the market through its offering of a fully customisable website for nothing. That’s right, it is completely free!

So, if your content creation demands a more traditional site like those offered by Wix or Squarespace but your wallet won’t stretch that far then give Aspect a go and I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

6) Weebly

Weebly is a great option if you’re in the market for a traditional website. It offers a professional- looking free domain, the Weebly branding is subtle so it doesn’t distract from your work, and you can set up an online store with very little stress.

Furthermore, if you are just starting out on your content creation career, Weebly offers some great SEO prompts to help boost your exposure and build your audience. The biggest selling point though, is the vast array of apps available even to the free users and it was this feature that won Weebly its place on this list.

In terms of cons, the editing tools can be somewhat restrictive meaning you have less control over how your site ends up looking, and if you are looking to sell on here just be warned that Weebly will take their 3% cut on absolutely everything that you sell.

7) Site123

Site123’s web builder gets in the top 10 for ease of use alone. As digital content creators, we would hope that you are all somewhat tech savvy. But, just in case there are a few of you reading who still struggle with the gizmos and the gadgets, this one is for you.

Site123’s USP is definitely its 24/7 live chat support for all users – even the free ones. The staff are super friendly and the site itself offers plenty of creative assistance so you will never be stuck for long.

On the downside, Site123 gives you a fairly unattractive URL. The domain names on here consist of a random collection of letters and numbers followed by ‘.site123.me’ which can make for fairly ugly viewing. But if you can get past this, the free support is second to none and you are almost guaranteed an easy web-building ride.

8) Wordpress

Wordpress is a classic blogging site, offering extremely generous free online storage and some powerful tools designed to help you improve your blogging engagement and enjoyment.

The downside of this web building haven for writers has to be its relatively steep learning curve. But whilst the site editor can seem a little overwhelming at first, Wordpress more than makes up for it with the range of tutorials which they offer to help you find your feet. Besides, it’s probably worth spending a bit of time getting to grips with the site when it offers six times as much free online storage of almost any other web builder out there. So, if you have lots to say, Wordpress might be the platform for you.

9) Jimdo

This web builder makes the cut for all the budding online shop owners out there. The platform gives you the option to sell up to five items free of charge, which might be perfect if you are looking to start selling a few pieces of merch and don’t need a full-blown online store.

If you do decide to upgrade your business, however, the paid packages start from just $9 per month which we think is pretty affordable!

Jimdo also offers its free users access to its ADI (artificial design intelligence) software, as well as full coding control, meaning there really is the full spectrum of creative control available at your fingertips. You also have the option to connect other online profiles to your store, making it easy to link it to your social media and funnel your customers in that way.

10) Webnode

Last but not least, Webnode.

Webnode is one of the most popular free web builders out there, boasting over 30 million users worldwide. This is a platform with virtually no learning curve, and it generates an end product which looks pretty good! Our only complaints with this one were the extremely limited free online storage and the somewhat tedious sign-up process. However, if you can make it through that then it’s plain sailing from there on in. Paid plans for this one start from just $3.90 per month.

So, who comes out on top?

We may have already given it away but in our opinion, Znaplink is by far and away the best free website builder on the market for content creators. The link management structure is just so perfectly designed to suit the needs of Youtube creators and Instagrammers alike, and to have

such a powerful array of tools and aesthetics at your fingertips, for free, is almost too good to be true.

With that being said, the best website builder for you will always depend on your needs as a content creator, so try out a few and see what works. Do, however, just bear in mind that some may not be free if you want to make full use of what they have to offer.

That’s all for now, folks. Happy web building!

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