Earn a recurring income with Zaap.

Create content and help spread the word about Zaap to build up a nice monthly income. Track everything with ease and get paid when you want it. Join the partner channel on Discord for exciting job and project opportunities.
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Earn 50% recurring commission
Earn 50% every month for every Pro user you bring to Zaap. Keep earning 50% every month they stay subscribed.
PayPal payouts
Super-easy PayPal payouts. No minimum payout. Just connect your account and start getting paid.
How it works

It's a win win.

Earn a stable, recurring and fair income from Zaap. 50/50 split is one of the highest in the industry.
Generate a stable monthly income with Zaap.
Our affiliate program is fair. You'll keep earning every month as long as your referred user stays subscribed. 50/50 every month.
Introduce your audience to a product they will love.
Zaap is built for creators, by creators. We're making it easier for creators to build a business.
For select partners: Get a custom branded discount code.
For select partners - we'll give you a custom branded 20% off discount code to share with your audience. Email us to request one.

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Make money from every subscription we sell through your referral link.
Create tutorial, comparison, or walkthrough videos and add your referral link to the description.
Blog Posts
Link back to Zaap from a blog post or tutorial on your own website.
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Got questions? We've got answers.

Read our frequently asked questions and answers below.


Where can I promote Zaap?

Anywhere! Send your link to friends, write a blog post, make an Instagram post or share a TikTok.


How much will I earn?

You'll earn 50% monthly, of every Pro user's subscription you bring to Zaap.


How long do the cookies last?

The cookies lasts 120 days. That means anyone you refer, if they purchase in 120 days you'll earn.


How can I get paid?

No minimum payment amount. Easy PayPal payouts.


Where can I download your logo?

Check out our brand assets here.