Learn the fundamentals of Zaap to efficiently set up your Zaap page.

Basic Concepts


A Zaap account is the container for all your projects. You can have unlimited projects within your account, and only you have access to your account, though you can invite others to collaborate on specific projects.


A Zaap project is essentially your Zaap page, but within your Zaap dashboard, it is referred to as a project. Each project is unique and does not share data with other projects in your account.


A Plan refers to your subscription level, such as Zaap Pro, Zaap Ultra, or Zaap Lifetime. Each plan is associated with a single Zaap project.

For instance, if you subscribe to Zaap Pro, that subscription covers only one project. If you wish to have multiple projects under the Zaap Pro plan, you must subscribe to Zaap Pro for each project individually.

You can have multiple projects with different plans within your account but plans cannot be transferred from one project to another.


Agency is a special subscription similar to Zaap Ultra, but it applies to your entire account rather than just one project. You cannot switch this plan to another account but you can allocate Ultra plans included in your Agency subscription to various projects within your account.

The number of Projects you receive depends on your specific Agency subscription level.


Blocks are the building elements of your Zaap page. You can add various blocks to customize your page. Zaap provides a diverse selection of over 10 different blocks, each offering unique functionality.

For instance, adding the Contact Form Block to your page allows visitors to enter their name, email, and message. You'll receive these submissions via the email address you've provided.


Audience are the people who have subscribed to your newsletter or purchased a product from you. You can manually import audience data into Zaap and export it whenever necessary


Broadcasts are newsletters, but within the Zaap dashboard, we refer to them as broadcasts. You can create newsletters using our notion-styled writer and send them to your audience.

Scheduling broadcasts is also possible. Your audience can choose to opt-out of receiving these newsletters.

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