Can I Use Zaap Brand Assets?

We welcome and support the use of Zaap Brand Assets, which include its trademarks, logos, trade dress, websites, copyrighted designs, original material, and other brand assets.

However, we are required to uphold our reputation and brand identity.

Here's a list of guidelines for using Zaap Brand Assets:

1. Do Use Zaap Brand Assets to refer to Zaap, its services and websites, its apps and anything else it offers.

You can use the Zaap logo on your website or social media posts to promote a new feature or product.

When referring to Zaap's apps or websites, use the appropriate Zaap Brand Assets to create a cohesive look and feel that reflects the Zaap brand.

Remember to always follow the guidelines for using Zaap Brand Assets and never modify or alter them in any way.

2. Do Provide a reference to Zaap as the source whenever and wherever possible

When using Zaap Brand Assets in your content, it's important to provide a clear reference to Zaap as the source of the content or product being promoted.

This helps to establish credibility and trust with your audience and ensures that Zaap receives appropriate credit for its contributions.

By providing a clear reference to Zaap as the source, you are not only giving credit where credit is due but also reinforcing the connection between your content and the Zaap brand.

This can help to increase brand awareness and recognition among your audience, and may even encourage them to seek out more information about Zaap's products and services.

3. When referring to Zaap's trademarks or brand name, use them solely as adjectives and avoid using them as nouns or verbs.

This means that when referring to Zaap's trademarks or brand name, it should always be used as an adjective to describe a product or service, and never used as a noun or verb.

For example, you would say "Zaap app" or "Zaap services" rather than "Zaap is the app" or "Zaap me".

This guideline helps to ensure that Zaap's brand assets are used consistently and accurately across all communication channels.

By using Zaap's trademarks as adjectives, it helps to clarify that they are a descriptive term and not a standalone entity.

This can help to prevent confusion or misinterpretation of the Zaap brand, and ultimately helps to protect and reinforce the Zaap brand identity.

4. DO NOT Modify or alter Zaap Brand Assets in any way, such as changing the color or design of its logos, app icons, or screen shots. Please refer to the brand assets page.

You should not make any changes to Zaap's Brand Assets, including its logos, app icons, or screen shots.

These assets are an essential part of Zaap's brand identity, and any alterations to them can negatively affect the brand's recognition, reputation, and overall impact.

Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the integrity of Zaap's Brand Assets and ensure that they are always used in their original form.

5. DO NOT Combine Zaap Brand Assets as part of a name of a product or service.

If you have a product called "Zaapify", you should not use the Zaap logo or any other Zaap Brand Assets as part of the name or branding of that product.

This is to avoid any confusion or misleading representation that your product is directly affiliated with or endorsed by Zaap.

Instead, you should create a unique and distinctive name and branding for your product or service that is not dependent on or associated with Zaap Brand Assets.

6. DO NOT Incorporate Zaap’s Brand Assets, or variants, in domain names, social media accounts, corporate names, app names

You should not use Zaap's Brand Assets, or any variations of them, in a way that creates confusion or implies endorsement or affiliation with Zaap without their express permission.

This includes using Zaap's Brand Assets in your domain name, social media accounts, corporate names, app names, or as part of any online or in-person events, such as meetups or community events.

Using Zaap's Brand Assets in this manner could mislead people into thinking that your product or service is officially affiliated with or endorsed by Zaap, which could damage Zaap's brand and reputation.

Therefore, it's important to obtain permission from Zaap before using their Brand Assets in any of these ways.

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Last Updated: 6/4/2023

Author: Zaap Team

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