Does Zaap Take a Fee?

Yes, Zaap takes 3% fee from everyone (Including PRO Users)

When you make a sale, we charge a 3% fee.

This does not include credit card processing or Payment Processors fees.

For Example

If you sell an item on Zaap for $100 and the Zaap charges a 3% transaction fee, you would pay $3 in fees for that transaction.

Transaction fees are a way for Zaap to generate revenue and cover the costs associated with providing our services.

Do Payment Processors Take a Fee?

Yes, many payment processors take transaction fees for their services.

This is common among online marketplaces, payment processors, and other platforms that facilitate transactions between users.

Transaction fees are typically a percentage of the total transaction amount or a flat fee per transaction.

They may also help to ensure that transactions are secure and reliable by providing protections such as dispute resolution and fraud prevention.

PayPal and Stripe do take their normal transaction fees which will vary based on the type of account, location and currencies used but it's usually 2-3.4% + $0.30.

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Last Updated: 4/4/2023

Author: Zaap Team

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