How to become a Zaap Affiliate

Earn a recurring income with Zaap

Earn 25% every month for every premium user you bring to Zaap. Keep earning 25% every month they stay subscribed.

How do you get your link?

Step 1: Go to your account settings

Step 2: Click 'Affiliate Program'

Step 3: Click 'Copy URL'

Share your referral link with your community!

How do you get Paid?

You can cash out right from the Zaap Dashboard to get your referral commission sent directly to you.

Step 1: Click 'Cash Out'

Step 2: Enter your PayPal Email

⚠️ Payouts will be sent after Zaap Team member approves your payout request.

Approval Time - less than 48hrs

Donate to Charity (Optional)

You can donate your earnings to Charity if you’re feeling generous!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any minimum payout threshold?

Answer: Yes, you should have at-least $15 to cash out

2. Is there any Cookie Period?

Answer: Yes, we have a cookie period of 60 days.

3. Which are the premium plans included on Affiliate Program?

Answer: Zaap Pro and Zaap Ultra plans are included on Affiliate Program. Referrals to Zaap Lifetime plan were not included on the Affiliate Program.

4. Paypal is not supported in my country, How can I get paid?

Answer: Let us know which payment method is available to you by sending an email to

5. How long it takes Zaap Team to approve my payout request?

Answer: Your Payout request will be reviewed and approved within 48hrs. If you didn't receive any email regarding the payout after 48hrs then send an email to

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