How to connect Google Analytics to Zaap

Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics integration allows you to view your Zaap page analytics on your Google Analytics Dashboard.

⚠️ Integrations are only available for Zaap PRO & Ultra users.

To connect your Google Analytics to Zaap, you will get Measurement ID from your Google Analytics dashboard

Get Required Informations

Step 1: Go to the Admin page on your Analytics Dashboard

Step 2: Add Data Stream

On Data streams page, click on the button Add Stream and choose the option Web

Step 3: Setup your Data Stream

On the Website URL, enter your Zaap page URL and click on Create Stream

Step 4: Copy your Measurement ID

Copy the measurement ID and keep it somewhere safe, you have to enter it on Zaap dashboard.

Connect Google Analytics to Zaap

Step 1: Click on 'Gear' icon from the dashboard to access the project settings

Step 2: Go to 'Integrations' from the project settings

Step 3: Click 'Connect' button on the Google Analytics Integration

Step 4: Enter details and click 'Save Changes'

From now on whenever someone visits your Zaap page it will show up on your google analytics dashboard

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