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Pro users are able to connect a custom Domain to their Zaap page. Here's how.

⚠️ Before we start, make sure your domain isn't connected to another website, otherwise it won't work

Configuring a Custom Domain

Step 1: Add an A record to your DNS

Before anything else, you need to add an A record in your domains DNS settings pointing to our Server. You can find the IP address under 'Custom Domains' in your page settings.

Step 2: Wait for your DNS to populated

This can take up to 30 minutes. You can check your DNS here:

Step 3: Add your domain to Zaap

Now you can go to the Custom Domains setting and enter your domain. Click Update, and wait for it to link the domain.

Make sure to type in your Root domain (Without the WWW)

Configuring a Custom Subdomain

To configure a subdomain ( or, you can set up a A record your DNS settings. Please note that some domain registrars may require you to add a dot / period at the end.

Domain Providers

In order to publish your Zaap page to a custom domain purchased through a web hosting service, you’ll need to add it to your project and setup DNS records for it in your domain provider. Purchase a domain through a web hosting service, such as Google Domains or GoDaddy. Once you have a custom domain, go to the Domains page in your Site Settings and select Connect a domain you own.

After inputing your domain, replace your DNS records with the Zaap DNS records provided in the web hosting service you have purchased your domain from. Domain registrars and hosting companies typically have their own custom panel for DNS management, but this can typically be done under Domain Settings > DNS Records. Listed below is a list of support articles for the most commonly used domain registrars:

• NameCheap. Adding A Records
• GoDaddy. Adding A Records
• Google Domains. Adding A Records
• Ionos 1&1. Adding A Records
• Gandi. Adding A Records


Please make sure to remove all other A and AAAA records. They can take precedence over the ones you set up and point to the wrong server.

I am getting DNS not propagated Error, what should I do now?

DNS might take up to 24 hours to propagate, so keep on trying after some hours once it is propagated, it will be connected. And, this is not on our end, it depends on the domain registrar from where you bought the domain.

You can debug your DNS settings with a tool like

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Last Updated: 4/4/2023

Author: Zaap Team

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