Use Zaap With Twitch

The Starting point

The first thing you need do is update your Twitch channel to inform your Followers about your zaap page.

Add Your Zaap Page to Twitch Profile


To add your Zaap page to your Twitch Profile, follow these steps:

Click the 'Edit about & Links'

Navigate to 'Social Links' and add your Zaap page link there

Here are some ideas for digital products that you can sell on Zaap

1. Online courses and tutorials

2. E-books

3. Graphics and design templates

4. Digital art and illustrations

5. Music tracks and sound effects

6. 3D models and animations

7. Social media templates and presets

Maximize Your Zaap Product Sales by Leveraging Twitch

1. Host product demonstrations: Use your Twitch channel to host live product demonstrations of your Zaap products. This can help viewers see the product in action and better understand its features.

2. Offer product giveaways: Hold regular giveaways on your Twitch channel to incentivize viewers to engage with your brand and products.

3. Collaborate with Twitch influencers: Partner with influencers in your niche to promote your Zaap products to their followers. Consider sponsoring their streams or offering them free products to use and review on their streams.

4. Offer exclusive Twitch promotions: Create exclusive promotions for Twitch viewers, such as discounts or freebies for those who purchase Zaap products during a live stream.

5. Leverage Twitch chatbots: Use a chatbot on your Twitch channel to promote your Zaap products, answer questions, and offer exclusive promotions to viewers.

6. Use Twitch overlays: Use overlays on your Twitch channel to showcase your Zaap products and provide viewers with more information about your brand.

7. Run Twitch polls: Use Twitch polls to get feedback from viewers about your Zaap products and gather insights into what they want to see from your brand.

8. Offer Twitch-specific discounts: Offer exclusive discounts for Twitch viewers who purchase Zaap products during a live stream or within a specific time frame.

9. Host product launches: Use your Twitch channel to host product launches for new Zaap products and generate excitement and buzz around your brand.

If you're unsure about how to get the link to your Zaap product, don't worry - we've got you covered!

Guide -> Find your products link on Zaap

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Last Updated: 6/4/2023

Author: Zaap Team

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