Zaap Community Standards

Community standards are a set of rules or guidelines that define acceptable behavior on a Zaap.

These standards are created by Zaap to ensure that users are able to use the zaap in a safe and respectful manner, and to help maintain a positive and inclusive community

Adult content

We want to facilitate all types of creators to carve out their own space on the Internet.

We also want visitors, including minors, to be able to make informed decisions before clicking.

No adult content can be hosted on Zaap in the form of images or link thumbnails

If you link to adult content on your Zaap, make sure that:

1. the content you’re linking to is legal in your region

2. use text blocks to mention on your zaap profile that the links in your Zaap page contains adult content

3. link thumbnails dosen't contain adult content

Child Harm

We do not tolerate child harm or any content that endorses child harm in any way. We actively report any cases of possible child harm to relevant national authorities.


We encourage people's journeys through recovery but we do not permit any content that encourages any form of self-harm.


We do not allow accounts that pose as another person or entity in a deceptive manner.


We do not allow creators to exchange Zaap usernames for money. If you pick a username, you must do so with the intention of using it.


Individual privacy is critically important to us, so we do not permit the sharing of any personal identifying information.

Violent Content

We have a no tolerance policy for any content featuring violent or disturbing content.

Copyrighted Content

Preserving intellectual property is important to us. We do not allow the uploading of any content that infringes on copyrights, trademarks, or patents.


Don’t use Zaap to spam or scam visitors, including linking out to external sites which might collect personal information under false pretenses.

Illegal goods and services

+ ID documents

+ Personal info or mailing lists

+ Pirated Softwares

+ Products offered through multi-level marketing schemes

+ Gambling

Want to report a violation?

You can report violations on Zaap with the help of this guide -> Report a Violation

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Last Updated: 4/4/2023

Author: Zaap Team

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